4 Different & Innovative Ways to Celebrate Diwali 2020- “Lockdown Wali Diwali”!!

Celebrate Diwali

Diwali has not only been celebrated merely as a festival in India. It is much more than that. From the fun and excitement of decorating the whole house to cooking different and delicious dishes to shopping for new dresses for almost all the ceremonies of Diwali and, of course, the endless boxes of sweets and then visiting friends and relatives; this is what Diwali is. To sum it up, Diwali is basically a family and friends get together for which everyone waits over a year and on this day, they enjoy together so that they can have those memories stored in their mind’s eye till they get a chance to relive all those moments of happiness and joy again on the next Diwali. But, talking about Diwali 2020, that will be on 14th November, this year, the scenario is a little different and the conditions are like never expected ones.    

As everyone knows that we are going through a very tough time and to fight with the pandemic and COVID situation, the best way is to maintain distance and to be at our homes. Yes, we know that the festival is all about togetherness, we have to maintain distance not only for themselves so that they can be well but also for ourselves and our family members so that when the other festival will come, we can be celebrating them as well. Diwali 2020 will be a little different but this does not at all mean that there will be no fun and excitement at the festival. Of course, there will be and for this, the only rule is to maintain distance, be at your home and send Diwali gifts to loved ones but sanitize first as this is what the new normal is. 

So, you don’t have to be this tensed and sad as we are here with 4 different and unique ways to make our lockdown wali Diwali super amazing and fun. So, without any further ado, let us get started:

1. Home Decoration

Diwali celebration and home decoration go hand in hand and that is why; we have an amazing idea to convert this hassled task of home decoration and cleaning into a fun way. Try to involve your whole family in this and divide areas or the work like cleaning, dusting, mobbing, decoration, curtains, and so on and tell them that the best area of the house will get a price. This will surely make home decoration fun and interesting activity.

2. Online Diwali Gift

Giving gifts to each other on Diwali is one very big ritual of this occasion. People used to give Diwali gifts to friends, families, relatives, and employees as well with the best wishes for a safe and prosperous Diwali. With this lockdown and COVID situation, no one is able to visit each other houses to greet and give gifts. In this, online portals can be very helpful as you can send gifts to your dear ones online very easily.

3. Cooking Together

Well, festivals are all about having delicious delicacies and lip-smacking desserts, and when it is about festivals like Diwali, sweets become an integral part, for sure. But, as the outside eateries are not the safest way to enjoy, so why not make some delicious sweets at home this year? Yes, with cooking and preparing varieties of dishes, you can also give it a try and cook different types of sweet dishes as well. This is will surely be very exciting and fun not only for the family members but for you as well. 

4. Play Diwali Games Digitally

Diwali celebration is incomplete without games and that is why; we have included this option for you as well. You can also include your friends and cousins who are not with you this year and can share screens of your computer. There are several digital games available that can be chosen to have fun at the festival. 

So, you must be very much excited to make this year’s Diwali a slightly more unique and special one. Well, doing this not at all a daunting job to do as it is only about blending the traditional beliefs and rituals with some creative ideas so that is will not at all sounds a boring job to the teens and kids as they are not that much involved in the traditions and culture. Also, dividing tasks to everyone in the family will not only divide the stress and workload but will also multiply the fun and unity because when everyone is around, why not to use more hands to get the job done not only on time but before time and that too with perfection. This is what lockdown wali Diwali is all about.

But, one thing that might be striking in your mind is that what about those relatives and family members who are abroad and cannot make it to come home for this Diwali celebration due to this pandemic. Well, it is indeed the saddest part of the occasion in 2020 that we have to maintain distance from our loves ones so that not only we can be safe and well but they can also be away from all this and we think, this is what the priority is, as for now and this is what the new normal is. So, there is no need to be disheartened and sad as with GiftaLove.com, you can send USA Diwali gifts online very easily as they have come up with fast and reliable gifting solutions and delivery services so that everyone who wants to send gifts to their loved ones on any occasion can get the job done very easily. Not only to the USA, but this online portal is offering services all across the world. So, don’t be sad and surprise your dear ones with the best Diwali gifts as

“Safe, Secure, and Distant Diwali is the new normal!!”