Stucco Damage Is Easy to Repair with the Right Mix

Stucco Damage Is Easy to Repair


Stucco has a long history. Modern stucco is used as a form of cement plaster and is most commonly seen as a type of exterior wall covering. One advantage is that stucco tends to be cheaper than brick for exterior construction. In addition to being cheaper, it’s also easier to install. This lowers labor costs for construction projects. Stucco is also quite an energy efficient. There are a variety of compositions for stucco, but the best stucco mixes are primarily made of Portland cement, sand, and water. Other materials like acrylics, lime, or glass fibers may be used to bolster the structural properties of stucco. 

Being made from cement, it should be obvious that stucco is fairly durable. Of course, this doesn’t mean that stucco is immune to being damaged or worn down by the weather and other environmental factors. Occasionally, stucco needs to be repaired. This is when it’s a good idea to call the experts.

Climate and Damage 

Like all building materials, stucco can become damaged. Stucco forms a natural insulator, which is great in hotter climates. This is what provides the energy efficiency. In dryer climates, such as Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, stucco has become quite popular. Unfortunately, stucco is also porous and allows moisture to penetrate. This means that it is prone to damage in wetter climates. 

Over time, the heat and cold force homes to expand and contract. Even in dryer regions, this may cause stucco to crack. This isn’t immediately obvious, but it may be easier to see in older homes. When stucco cracks or otherwise becomes damaged, it obviously needs to be repaired. Luckily, stucco repair isn’t too difficult or labor-intensive. An experienced team equipped with stucco mixes can make short work of most repair projects. 

Stucco Repair 

There are typically a few warning signs indicating that your stucco is in need of repair. The most obvious trend to be exterior cracks. This shows clear damage. There could also be staining under your windows, interior cracks, or missing pieces. Stucco around fixtures maybe some of the first to become damaged. You may notice dark spots, stains, or small cracks that have formed around your light fixtures.

Once you’ve noticed damages to your stucco, the next step is to contact the experts. Using the best stucco mixes, they shouldn’t have much difficulty repairing cracks and filling in any gaps. Stucco is almost always capable of being repaired, even if the damage looks severe.