The Scandinavian way to design your home

design your home

The countries which make up Scandinavia are Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and their surrounding regions. These countries are known for their particular kind of architecture and interior which sets them apart. They are known to design homes that are highly efficient and yet opulent. You can incorporate these features into your home to give it a Scandinavian flair. Here are some of the gorgeous things that can make your home look much better. 

The basic theme

Whether it is artfully applied wall putty or graceful wall patterns, the walls make a big difference in the look of your home. They are the parts of your home which are most exposed. They speak a lot more about you and your taste than any showpiece or furniture. They have the ability to make spaces seem smaller or bigger and even make an impact on the overall mood of the house. Since sunrise and sunset are not like the rest of the world in these countries, they do not use dark colours in the houses. 

Lovable Denmark

One of the biggest trends since 2019 in Denmark is adding splashes of green in every room. Adding a potted plant here and there can make a lot of difference. The tradition is to go out of the box and design unconventional homes using neutral colours on the walls. The focus should be the wooden or upholstered furniture. Another noteworthy attribute of their homes is that they prefer lighter colours and bigger spaces to make the houses look more spacious. Since they rarely step out of the house, the walls should be the kind to reflect plenty of light.

The natural beauty of Finland

It is customary in Finland to invest in high-quality and well-designed furniture and fixtures. They believe in using natural elements like linen, jute, stone, and wood to decorate the houses. From the colour of the wall to the material and colour of the rug, they are inclined towards a more natural finish. You can also adopt the good practice of using environmentally conscious designs. Use colours on all your walls that reflect the outdoors as Finnish people mostly spend their time indoors due to the harsh weather. Although the minimalistic approach has not changed, there is a wider variety in the colours and patterns used. They’re now adding accent walls or pieces of furniture with darker colours like oak or walnut along with light wood.

The Swedish charm

Sweden is well known for its inclusion of natural materials in designing of houses. If the wall is not full glass with a lot of natural light flooding in, then the preferred colour is a neutral palette that brings together the natural elements used in the house. The use of dark and light wood along with textiles like cotton, jute, or wool is perfect for the weather in Sweden. The neutral colour scheme complements the aged leather furniture perfectly. You can add a few soft greys to break the monotony and bring more life to the house. If you are looking for painting services in Delhi that can help you replicate the Swedish elegance and class on your walls you cannot go wrong with this one.

The best part about the inclusion of natural materials in your homes is that they never go out of fashion. They are durable and can last for years if maintained properly. An advantage of using a neutral colour palette is that no matter what furniture you put in the house, or what colours you use, it all comes together without trying too hard. The simple lines and elegant interiors can make your home more efficient and functional without compromising on the cosy and comfortable feel of the house. Use these tips to make your home spectacular!