What Are the Most Family-Friendly Attractions in Phoenix?

Family-Friendly Attractions in Phoenix

Phoenix is a one-of-a-kind city that’s viewed as paradise in the desert.  What can you do with your family here?  From a red-hot museum, to cool aquariums and zoos, there’s a lot of entertainment here that will keep your family excited to see and do more.

These are the most family-friendly attractions in Phoenix, and why this city rocks!

The Wild and Fun Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is a stop every family should take!  This awesome conservation-focused zoo gives your kids to meet and learn about animals from around the world in a safe and fun setting. 

There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits, depending on each animal’s needs, so don’t let the hot weather scare you away if you want to stop and enjoy the zoo!  Your kids can run off some of their extra energy while also learning.

A Museum That Brings the Heat

The Hall of Flame Fire Museum is a foundation dedicated to the historical preservation of firefighting equipment, and the brave people who use it.  This museum has one of the largest collections in the world of firefighting memorabilia, tools, and so much more.  

Although this isn’t the only museum of its type, this is the only place where some of these exhibits are shown, so you can teach your kids about fire safety while dazzling them with the cool machines, vehicles, and gadgets used throughout the years.

Aquariums That Understand Excitement

On the hottest days of the year, there’s nothing as soothing as the idea of stopping and enjoying a cool and enchanting aquarium.  The OdySea Aquarium is the largest of its type in the Southwest United States.  With over two million gallons of water spanning over 200,000 square feet, your family will never run out of new fish and creatures to look at. 

Dinosaurs That Could Wow Anyone

Dinosaurs have had a special place in kids’ hearts for the last forty years, and the Arizona Museum of Natural History makes sure to drive that home further.  Offering exhibits with both the natural and cultural history of this area, your kids will love learning both hands-on and through visual intrigue! 

How to Prep for a Vacation in Phoenix

If you’re planning a vacation, or want to look at apartments for rent in Phoenix, there’s nothing better than ensuring your kids love the city as well.  To keep cool and safe, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you visit.

The best months to visit and keep comfortable are from late February to early June!  During this time the temperatures are more comfortable, and a lot of the attractions are still open and fun.  If you come in the summer, bring refillable water bottles, sunscreen, and protection for your eyes!  It can be fun in the heat, but be careful.

This City Knows How to Stun and Have Fun

Phoenix isn’t messing around when it says it knows how to have fun.  From the endless entertainment, to the countless views and awesome museums and aquariums, you’ll never run out of things to do and see here!