Information Critical to Understanding Spectrum TV Packages

Spectrum TV Packages

Spectrum TV Plans

The Spectrum trademark is owned by Charter Communications, a cable corporation that serves millions of people in 41 states with television, broadband, and landline phone service. Since 2016, when Charter purchased Warner Cable as well as Bright Broadband Networks, over 28 million more subscribers have been added to the Spectrum family of companies. Spectrum TV Plans has many bundle options that include internet and phone service. Spectrum offers three distinct television-only packages to choose from. Spectrum features bundles that will suit most people’s needs, with selections ranging from more than 125 channels to more than 200 channels, including premium channels. Spectrum’s TV-only options begin at $49.99/month and require a one-year commitment.

Pricing & Packages for Spectrum TV

There are three packages to choose from, each with varying TV channel and storage capacity options. Whether you want to see if the product is accessible in your region and what kind of packages are available, you’ll have to input your postcode into the website.

TV Channels by Spectrum

After the stress of moving, it’s nice to have a wide range of entertainment options at your fingertips, and Spectrum TV does just that. While the exact number of channels included in Spectrum’s most basic plan, Spectrum TV Select, varies by ZIP CodeTM, it always includes at least 124 channels. The basic package provides access to a variety of popular channels, including Sports, the Discovery Channel, HBO, TNT, and ESPN. Spectrum TV Silver provides more than 175 channels for customers looking for a broader selection of shows and movies. Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime, among others, are featured in addition to the standard Kokoa TV Select lineup. If you’re serious about your TV, you’ll desire to purchase the gold package. Spectrum TV Gold provides access to over 200 channels, so you can catch every one of your favorite shows. Notable additions, such as Starz and Starz Encore, are made to the already extensive lineup, which includes ESPN, HBO, and all of the other channels included in the Spectrum Television Select as well as Spectrum HDTV Silver packages.

For the sports-minded:

  • There are several outlets from which you may satisfy your need.
  • SEC Extra and SEC Network are both available on Spectrum TV Select, in addition to ESPN 1 and 2.
  • Channels such as NBC Sports, Baseball Network, plus Travel Channel are included on Spectrum TV Silver.
  • Depending on where you live, you may need Spectrum Gold to receive all of the sports channels you want (such as ESPN Headlines, FOX Sports, including ESPN Goal Line), but that’s not always the case.

Spectrum Television includes

In addition to your favorite shows, every Spectrum TV bundle includes these extras for your viewing pleasure:

  • Use the Charter TV app to watch TV online using your preferred device. The app is included at no additional cost with all packages and allows you to manage your DVR, set recording times, stream live TV, and view on-demand programming from your mobile device.
  • Spectrum DVR allows you to record as many as 300+ hours of online media or 75 hours of high-definition content. There is no requirement for any additional hardware since the DVR is already included in the cable box, but doing so would set you back an additional $12.99 each month, as stated by a chat employee from Spectrum TV customer support.
  • View Charter On-Demand programming from channels including ABC News, Gma, CNN, and FOX, regardless of your TV subscription.

Consider looking at these Spectrum TV offers

Check out the extras Spectrum gives new customers to save costs during your move. The television service does not provide discount coupons, but it does offer contract buyouts and packaged packages to help consumers save money.

  • If you are interested in Spectrum’s Bundle Package or Dual Play package but are currently locked into a contract with another provider, the Spectrum Deal Buyout may be right for you. You must submit a completed form and a scanned copy of your last bill from your prior service provider to be considered for the buyout. If you move to Spectrum, the company will reimburse you for up to USD 500 of your contract termination cost.
  • Spectrum offers two internet and TV bundle options for those who need both services. With Double Play Select, you can get 125+ channels, free HD, and 200plus Megabits per second for USD 89.98 a month. At $114.98/month, the Double Play Silver package offers 200+ Mbps of internet speed in addition to the 125 channels included in the Dual Play Select package. When you consider that you can receive the same amount of internet speed for $49.99 per month with a one-year commitment that includes 200 plus channels, it’s easy to see how bundling internet and TV may save you money.
  • When you sign up with Spectrum, you have 30 days to decide whether you like the service or not. Requests for refunds must be submitted no later than thirty days after the date of installation or service modification. A discount will be applied to your account if you subscribe to additional Spectrum services. Otherwise, your refund will be issued less any applicable taxes or service charges.