How Fake IDs Can Make Your College Life Fun

Fake IDs

Late-night parties, alcohol, and clubbing are what teenage dreams are made of. Both college life and high school life are supposed to be all fun with no worries. And for teenagers and young adults, fun equals alcohol consumption. But in almost all the states of the United States of America, the legal drinking age is 21, which sounds pretty harsh compared to other countries like England, where an adult of 18 can easily buy and consume alcohol. 

Driving Age Restrictions:

Another legal age restriction on teenagers by the government of the United States is the driving age. In most of USA states, children or teenagers under 18 are not allowed to drive unless accompanied by adults. They cannot have an actual driving license and thus are not allowed to travel alone or with friends to different states. 


But, teenagers have found the best and easiest way to tackle this problem by obtaining fake or counterfeit ID cards. These topfakeids are considered the gateway to heaven by many teenagers and college students. According to a survey conducted in different states of the USA, 90% of college students have fake IDs

Why Massachusetts is the Best State for Fake IDs?

States like Massachusetts are the center for all educational activities and have more colleges than in other states. Massachusetts is famous for being from the original 16 colonies of England and is also known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the country’s most happening state as the population here is mainly college students, so it is a hub of nightlife parties, and fun. Massachusetts is one of the states with the highest number of drinkers between the ages of twelve to twenty-one. It is relatively easy to buy alcohol in this state, but you still have to show your ID card. fake id Ohio is the best way for anyone who is looking to enjoy the nightlife in the state. It allows people to enter clubs, night parties, concerts, and strip clubs. If you want to purchase some booze and enjoy it in your home’s comfort, then with your fake ID, you can easily buy it from the grocery store. With your topfakeid, you can impress your girlfriend on a date by ordering expensive alcohol. 

Drive without Hassle-
Many of our college road trip plans with our friends or girlfriend have gone to waste because of legal age restrictions. But, with a fake ID or driving license, you can easily drive from state to state with your friends. Fake ID also helps you in renting cars or hotel rooms as most of the hotels also have strict age policy, and they do not allow random unchaperoned teenagers to stay in their rooms all night long. So among other necessary stuff, it is essential to pack your fake ID card if you are going on a long road trip with your friends.

How not to get scammed when buying a fake IDs?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of sellers and websites that are selling fake IDs. Most of these websites will rob you by selling you cheap, plastic fake IDs. These fake IDs can easily be identified as fake and can cause you big trouble if you get caught. Thus, it is very crucial to do proper homework about the website or seller you are dealing with. Some of the key points to keep in your mind before purchasing a fake id card are:

  • Always look at the reviews by customers on the website. If there are too many 10/10, then there is a high chance that the site is a scam.
  • Buy high-quality scannable ID cards with round edges because they look a lot like the original ones.
  • Try to keep your anonymity and do not pay via credit card, as it can be traced back to you.