A Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

we all know that a well-balanced ketogenic diet calls for high fat, low carb approach to eating, along with a breakdown of macronutrients that falls in the realm of 55 to 60 percent fat, 30 to 35 percent protein as well as 5 to 10 percent carbohydrates.

Have you ever thought that why we called this diet so low carb? Let’s discuss the answer briefly. When we eat a balanced diet, the human body naturally breaks down, carbohydrates into glucose as a source of fuel. However, when the diet or the food doesn’t feed our cells with carbs in converting to glucose, the body turns to fat for fuel. Along with this, when the liver converts fat, it produces an acid byproductbyproduct known as ketones. Our body uses these ketones or ketone bodies as an excellent source of energy.

What happened when the body is in a Ketosis state?

Firstly, there is a great need to know that many people can detect when they are in the state of ketosis by the smell of their breath. The significant reason behind this truth is, the byproduct of ketosis is acetone; the body can’t use it. In this way, it is excreted through our breath, sweat, or urine. 

A more accurate test is to use ketone detection strips. It is essential to know that these ketone strips come with an easy-to-follow color guide for detecting ketones’ levels in the urine. Moreover, you can expect them to change from a beige to a red shade in a positive ketosis test.

Benefits of the keto diet

It is all about the benefits of eating high fat and low-carb diet because you feel justified in eating cheese all day long. It is fascinating to know that the keto diet has officially become one of the hottest diets. Here are some reasons why.

Weight loss

We all know that it may not be that easy in order to cut out all the carbohydrates from the diet. According to some emerging scientific researches, it has been suggested that eating fat can help burn fat. In short, if you want to get rid of unwanted pounds, check this link to follow a well-balanced keto diet.

Diet Review: Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss | The Nutrition Source |  Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Reduced appetite

It goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. It is essential to know that the high fat and moderate protein nature of the keto diet ensures, you’re more satiated by the food you are going to eat. The ketogenic diet is also known as one of the best diets in suppressing your appetite. You don’t take carbohydrates, and a high intake of fat keeps you full all day. Moreover, people following a candida diet must some restrictions on diet to reduce the infection’s severity. However, there is a need to avoid sugary foods.  

The essential thing about this keto diet is that most dieters report not feeling hungry at all. The primary reason is, it tends to suppress the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which helps a lot to tame the hangry monster within the body. However, when you combine a satiating diet with the fact that you are cutting out a lot of foods, it makes sense then that you will lose weight. 

Better blood sugar levels

According to recent scientific studies, it has been reported that by restricting the amount of glucose coming into your body, the keto diet has the great potential to control or improve insulin and blood sugar levels.

A stronger ticker

How could a diet be rich in meat, butter, and cheese if you think it increases the chances of a heart attack? The tables might be turning in defense of fat.

Yup, you read that right as the negative effects of too much fat on cardiovascular health. There is recent evidence that ketosis has some positive effects on blood lipid and cholesterol levels. It keeps you healthy and boosts immunity too.