Why Should You Go For Pre-production Inspection in 2021?

Pre-production Inspection

If quality control is important to you, you may want to learn a little about pre-production inspection (PPI) PPI is a type of quality inspection. Many companies rely on them when they start working with a new supplier or when they sign a very large contract. Pre-production inspections make it easy to see if your supplier is cutting costs and delivering the product you want.

What is a pre-production inspection?

A pre-production inspection takes place after a supplier or factory has been identified and evaluated. Its main purpose is to identify quality risks before production begins. Pre-production inspection can be carried out before the start of production or before the start of the final assembly.

  • Clear understanding of the production plan
  • Ability to anticipate potential problems that may affect project schedules and product quality
  • Ensuring that customer requirements are met
  • Ensuring the quality of raw materials and product composition

Why is testing before production so important?

Pre-production testing is one of the cornerstones of risk assessment and quality assurance management. Without pre-production inspections, you have no systematic way to ensure that your suppliers are ready to start production, that they meet specifications and that they comply with quality requirements.

These inspections can bring many benefits to your business. If you select to hire any person or organization to perform pre-shipment inspections, you can

  • Reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions
  • Have the opportunity to check the production readiness of your suppliers.
  • Assess the manufacturer’s ability to meet customer needs and quality objectives.

When should my company consider a checklist before production?

Pre-production inspections offer many benefits to companies. While it doesn’t solve all quality control problems, it can help you start production on time.

A pre-production inspection also gives you an overview of the most important elements of your production process. If you want to learn more about a project’s materials, potential prototypes, and/or mass-produced products, your company should consider pre-production inspection.

For projects that involve a lot of manual labor, an in-production inspection may be more useful than a pre-production inspection.

Checklist for pre-production inspection

The inspector should visit the supplier’s production site and provide a checklist of what to include. The inspector should physically inspect the raw materials, components and facilities that will contribute to the project.

During the inspection, your inspector will…

  • Verify the inventory and condition of materials
  • Review the manufacturer’s preparation and production planning
  • Verification of internal quality control
  • Assist in preparation for future product inspections (your staff will review approved samples and list the tools available to conduct product inspections).

An ideal pre-production inspection would include checks for the following

Material condition

  • Material condition
  • Readiness for production
  • Plant and machinery equipment
  • Measurement and testing equipment

Hiring an inspection company can solve your problem for quality control

A good inspection service provider has years of experience in helping global customers achieve quality control. Contact a good inspection company in China like us today to learn more about our services. Our company executes the following steps to ensure you get the best services as per your business needs:

  • Prior to production: Our inspectors arrive at the factory.
  • Raw material and component inspection: Our inspectors check the raw materials and components required for production.
  • Random sample selection: Materials, components, and semi-finished products are randomly selected to allow for optimal representation.
  • Style, color, and process control: Our inspectors thoroughly check the style, color, and quality of raw materials, components, and semi-finished products.
  • Photography of production line and environment: Our inspectors take photos of the production line and environment.
  • Spot check of the production line: Our inspectors will conduct a brief inspection of the production line including production capacity and quality control capacity (people, machine, material, method environment, etc.).
  • Inspection report: Our inspectors will issue a report summarizing their findings, including photographs. This report will give you a clear picture of whether everything is in place to complete the tour product as per your requirements.