How can concentration be increased while studying?

concentration be increased while studying

The study is not a process of merely reading and writing a few lines in the book. It is something that involves understanding concepts and grasping the knowledge. For this understanding, concentration plays an important role. Any distraction can deviate your attention, but it is our responsibility to hold our minds and bodies to withstand those distractions.

While studying many questions or doubts can arise regarding the concept. It is common to use study materials like BYJU’S study materials, which include various questions and answers that subject experts do. Students can go through the concepts with a clear idea of understanding. 

Tips to increase concentration during studies

Most of the students who score low marks in exams tell that they cannot concentrate entirely on their studies. This problem can be solved by themselves by using the following tips to enhance the focus on tasks.

Make a refreshing environment space for studying.

The right environment is required first to sit and study peacefully. This is wholly dependent on the person because every individual prefers a different place for learning. The primary thing is the area should be away from distractions. Things like mobile phones and magazines can be removed from your study place, which may make you deviate your mind. Before studying, make sure that all necessary resources like a pen, textbooks, notebooks, etc. are available near you so that you don’t get distracted and waste time searching for these materials.

A study plan is essential.

 A study plan is nothing but a proper timetable. It is challenging to study all subjects in one day. Each student will be having a favorite and a weak subject. So take more time to learn those subjects. Segregate the chapters for a day according to the time required and make a proper plan. It can help to manage your time also. Instead of wasting time, it helps in utilizing more on learning. Solving sample questions at the end of the day is useful to evaluate yourself. Or you can prepare your question and answers and solve them. It enhances your confidence also.

Take 10-15 minutes of study breaks.

Continuous learning for 3-4 hours makes no sense as it creates stress and strain on your body and mind. Make use of time for studying as well as relaxing. Control the usage of phones and social media during these 15 minutes intervals rather than walk around, drink water, talk to your parents or friends, and refresh your mind. If you go through social;l media, it again tends to open and use in between your studies. Study intervals also relax your brain from stress. So keep away your body and mind from those things.

Learn actively

Active learning improves your focusing skill. A happy face and peaceful mind are needed for an active learner. Note-writing is essential for concentration. Prepare notes or write points in a notebook by giving special effects like bolding or marking with sketch pens etc. Writing rather than reading would keep things that you learned in your mind for years. This one helps in improving your memory also. Subjects like mathematics are always tricky to read and study. There will be a lot of equations and problems to solve. So mathematics questions are solved only by making use of sample question papers. Answer the questions as much as possible to manage time and earn more simple tricks.

Do meditation

One of the most important things for focusing on studies is meditation. Along with this exercise, a proper diet plan, etc. also helps. Find some time for doing meditation daily. Practice yoga so that you can improve your focus on everything you want. Don’t eat more non-vegetarian foods instead of that try to eat fruits, vegetables, etc. A considerable amount of heat will be by adding a proper diet to your plan. Eating is also essential in your study plan. Set your mind to relax for 5 to 10 minutes before entering your room and start preparation. 

Combine studies

Concepts you learned when shared with your study partner or classmate can increase your knowledge and memory. It is a simple trick to follow. Don’t chit-chat with your friends while learning. Make use of the time and sit together, clear doubts, and solve question papers, mainly mathematics questions so that both can compare your answers and can be solved instantly. 

By implementing these effective techniques will enhance your concentration in your studies and can score good marks. Most importantly be confident while writing exams. Don’t see what others are doing; focus on your question papers and answers only. Focus on after and before the examination is a significant thing. The key to success is in your hands and make use of it by not misusing it.