4 Reasons to Add Electric Car Charging Stations in Seattle Washington to Your Business Parking Lot

Electric Car Charging Stations

It’s no secret that electric and hybrid vehicles are gaining in popularity. That’s led many business owners to add at least a few electric car charging stations in Seattle Washington to their parking lots and decks. Should you consider doing the same? Here are some reasons to give this matter a lot of thought. 

Convenience For Your Employees

Some of your employees are among those who have decided to purchase electric vehicles. One of the perks you can provide for being a loyal employee is free access to a charging station. This is one more way that you let the employee know that his or her efforts in the workplace are appreciated. 

This also helps eliminate worries about employees who may or may not have enough of a charge to get to and from work. By allowing the car to charge for most of the day, there’s a good chance that the employee won’t worry about being stranded on the way home. That’s sure to make for a better and less stressful working day. 

And For Your Customers

If your business depends on a steady stream of customers visiting the facility, investing in charging stations makes sense. It’s easy enough for them to park, connect the charger, and then come in and shop for as long as they like. They appreciate the convenience and you appreciate the fact that they picked up a couple of other things along with what they came to get. 

Consider this: if your direct competitors don’t have stations and you do, think about where those with electric cars are likely to shop more often. This could be a way of increasing your customer base and ensuring more income in the years to come. 

People Like the Idea of Dedicated Parking Spots

One strategy that some business owners have employed is offering dedicated parking spots with chargers in exchange for a reasonable monthly fee. This type of subscription service helps to pay for the power while also offering customers and those working nearby the opportunity to always have a parking space. 

Everyone benefits from this arrangement. You enjoy some cash that helps to offset the cost of operating the charging stations while those who purchase the monthly subscriptions never find themselves searching for parking spaces. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

You Could Create An Additional Revenue Stream

Depending on how many of the electric cars charging stations in Seattle Washington that you install, this could become an alternate source of income for you. Whether you opt for stations that can charge by the hour, the day, or unlimited use for a month, set the rates so that all of your related expenses are covered and allow you to make a small profit. 

Over the course of a year, the revenue collected from the charging stations isn’t likely to rival the net income from your primary business function. Even so, that added income could allow you to do some things with the business that you’ve wanted to do for some time. Best of all, you can do them without cutting corners or having to make use of your business line of credit; the profits from the stations allow you to pay cash. 

If adding charging stations has been on your mind, think about it carefully, Consider adding a few to begin and see how things turn out. It won’t take long to see why adding more would be a good investment.