6 Ingenious Dental Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Practice

Dental Marketing Ideas

The 4.33 billion internet user demographic’s surprising. Living in a tech-savvy millennial age makes it’s easy to credit young generations for the evolution.

The truth is that over 80% percent of internet users are adults. Why does this matter? It makes digital marketing crucial.

If you have a new dental practice, it’s time to invest in dental marketing. Since most viewers are adults, your marketing can impact them and their families.

Here are the most effective dental marketing ideas to put into your practice.

The Importance of Dental Marketing

If you treat dental marketing as a standard business practice, you’ll set yourself up for success. The $137.6 billion dental industry proves you have competition, but nothing proper dental marketing services can’t help.

1. Local SEO

There’s SEO—or search engine optimization—and then there’s local SEO. Local SEO’s a great way to gain exposure, as it refines data searches to your location. 

Today, everyone’s looking for ease and convenience. That means searching for nearby services.

Adopt a dental SEO practice by using keywords specific to your community. Your rankings will increase and the word will spread!

2. Email

It’s easy to think email marketing’s on the outs given all the social media options today. In reality, parents appreciate getting emails from dental practices. It’s important to keep families informed and email’s a personal way to do it.

3. Snail Mail

Dentists and snail mail go hand in hand. Paper appointment reminders impact patient psychology. Popping up in people’s minds over time helps them consider you when it’s time for a visit.

Circulate your name as much as you can to maintain patients and adopt new ones.

4. Blog

You don’t need a dental marketing company to tell you to get writing! Dental visits are the cause of extreme anxiety for some. The more content you can produce to educate, advise, and empower people, the better it is for everyone.

Be sure to diversify your content with videos, pictures, and other multimedia. The more you post, the more response you’ll get. 

5. Social Media

Dental hygiene’s one of the most important practices for optimal health. That said, a collective fear around dental work can make it hard to have healthy routines.

Social media’s a great way to break the ice. Dental practices have the advantage of a wide demographic. 

Everyone has teeth and everyone needs healthy ones. For that reason, use social media platforms to cater to kids, youth, teens, and adults alike!

The virtual world’s your oyster.

Dental Internet Marketing

While some may not find the dentist fun, dental marketing can change their minds. Unlike other businesses that make content for views, dental internet marketing has a mission – to transform perceptions.

Whether you use a dental marketing agency or not, dental marketing holds a massive impact. Imagine showing your kids a friendly video from your dental practice to help them before their visit.

Dental marketing can translate into better dental health. Let dental marketing practices show you!

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