Why Indoor Plants Have Become A Necessity & Not Just An Option

Indoor Plants

There was a time when we began shifting from everything natural to human-made and modern. Whether we talk about our choice of moving to urban skyscrapers versus the home amidst the hills or our preference for concentrated beverages instead of fresh fruits, we began relying on all things new and (unfortunately) artificial. 

However, the alarming lifestyle that we adopted also invited some grave concerns. For instance, our health deteriorated, pollution rose alarmingly and what not. And where do we find ourselves now? Shifting to the old and simple ways of living. For that matter, we are relying on greens once again that were once cut off for railroads and food joints. So, if you are also the one who is seriously concerned and want to save yourself as much as possible from the traumatic effects, trust the trees. Do your bit for yourself by introducing them to your home. Here are 7 such reasons why you just can’t say No. Take the guide:

1. Air Purification

For an apparent reason, indoor plants are necessary for cleaner air. According to Bill Wolverton, a former NASA research scientist, plants are significantly useful in curbing air pollution and insists that leafier the plant, the better it functions. At least two good-sized plants per 100 square feet do the work. For instance, Chinese Evergreen helps remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene while the Snake plant filters out benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

2. Aesthetic Role

In the era of minimal decor and sophisticated appeal, furnishing the house might turn out to be costly. So, you might want to find cheaper, more purposeful alternatives like houseplants. You can place them in hanging containers, pots or boxes, and they will play their role to level up the beauty of your drab nook amazingly. For that matter, you can go for Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Croton Petra, and so forth.

3. Healthy Produce

The benefits are infinite. While you are busy with your daily chores and struggle with a stressful budget, houseplants are here to help you with edibles too. You can grow olives, avocados, mulberries, and lemons indoors. Each plant species comes with its exclusive care and growing instructions.

4. Stress Reduction

You want to unwind in the best way when you get back home to a long and tiring day. Indoor plants will dramatically help you reduce stress and provide much-needed peace. You can go for chamomile, jasmine, and such others to drive away stress, anxiety, and depression.

5. Provides Better Concentration

Plants are believed to scale up your memory retention by 20%, improves creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. So, welcome peppermint in your home for boosting your concentration, rosemary for its fragrance and avoiding distraction, and so forth.

6. Adds A Positive Vibe

Plants not only clean the toxins from the environment but also create an overall good aura around for physical and emotional well-being. You can keep a bamboo tree for inviting luck, good fortune, and wealth to your home. Place jasmine on a south-facing window for nourishing your relationships.

7. Health Improvement

There’s no denying the fact that plants have healing powers. Washington State University, in a study, revealed that plants remove 20% of the indoor dust. The plants they researched on were common houseplants. It is also known that plants reduce fatigue by 30% and itchy eyes, coughing, running nose, dry throat by 20%. One of the most popular houseplants with magical benefits is Basil that contains a compound called eugenol that has the same effect as medicine like ibuprofen.

Believe it or not, plants are magical. So, spruce up your home and backyard and live a healthy life with these life-changing beauties.