Top-rated goalkeepers in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

The best FIFA goalkeeper is undoubtedly the first signed player you should consider for a new team because although you may not be able to control them yourself, a high-quality goalkeeper can bring you a different world at the most critical moments.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team players like to pay attention to their attackers. When you make a ball with an excellent structure, it is difficult to obtain satisfaction. But it is a good idea to invest some coins in defense, and buying a good goalkeeper is very crucial. Here is the best site to buy FIFA coins.

No longer simply shot-stoppers or pass receivers, now those between the sticks are accused of being the first offensive point. They use their ball control ability to start the pass sequence and help their possession of the ball. 

A long-term investment is significant FIFA 21 ultimate team because many of the world’s most promising young goalkeepers do not have a good achievement to service for the top team at first. Game experience and correct training are crucial to the development of FIFA 21. Therefore, you need to sign any cheap backup to get the playing time of the first team.

You can find our FIFA 21 best goalkeeper list below in order of their overall score, the goalkeeper is called GK in FIFA shorthand. As always, be sure to check the specific details according to your needs, such as GK Handling (if your goalkeeper hates it when dropping a rebound in front of your opponent), or GK Kicking (set speeding) if you want them to rush faster Out, you can counterattack from throwing and speed.

After EA Sports announced the FIFA 21 top goalkeepers, we now discuss the top five goalkeepers.

Jan Oblak 

Team: Atlético Madrid
Position: GK
Age: 27

Oblak has many qualities and skills, which makes him one of the best shooters in the world. For a goalkeeper standing at 6’1, he is an ideal height, which means he can not only go low but also save the shot in the top corner of the goal. Please click here to get more information about free FIFA coins.

However, Oblak’s positioning and decision-making helped him avoid amazing savings. On the contrary, since he is in the best position, he doesn’t have to move much often. This is partly because he does not have a world-class saver like de Gea or Manuel Neuer and is often considered the best goalkeeper in the world and has been ignored. Oblak’s goal prevention rate in LaLiga’s career is 1.45. Since March 2015, this has surpassed any other goalkeeper. For every goal Oblak recognized for Atletico Madrid, people want him to recognize it as 1.45. From observing the numbers released by O’Black in his La Liga career so far, it is obvious that he is a true world-class goalkeeper. At the age of 27, he is still in the top position for many years.


Team: Liverpool
Position: GK
Age: 28

Alisson’s rate is 90. He is from Brazil and is 27 years old. Alisson FIFA 21 has 1 technical movement and 3 weak feet. He is on the right foot and his work efficiency is Med / Med. The height of the player is 191 cm | 6’3″ and his weight is 91kg | 201lbs. He really has a true face in the game.

Liverpool’s first place is FIFA 21’s second place, and he missed the Liverpool team early due to injury, which further proves his importance in football dominance. Sporty, agile, and a true leader in the back row, Allison is the leader of FIFA’s 21 teams. If you want to buy FIFA 21 coins, please check here. There are many Liverpool players scattered in the top ten, and three of their last four are the best XI, so Alisson provides support for your team and there is much chemistry.

Marc-André ter Stegan

Team: FC Barcelona
Position: GK
Age: 28

Among the three goalkeepers in La Liga, the second of the top five is the German international team and Barcelona’s number one Marc-Andréter Stefan, who rated 90 points in FIFA 21 One of two goalkeepers.

Then Marc-Andre ter Stegen entered the podium, and the Barcelona goalkeeper was one of the most comprehensive goalkeepers in the game. After four years of playing in the Bundesliga with Monchengladbach, after joining Barcelona, he won the Triple Crown in his first season in Spain. In 2015, he won the La Liga and Spanish Cup, as well as the UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup. They added the icing on the cake to Germany after winning the Confederations Cup in 2017 and were team members in both the 2016 European Cup and 2016 European Cup, and the 2018 World Cup.

Thibaut Courtois

Team: Real Madrid
Position: GK
Age: 28

Thibaut Courtois’s rate is 89. His potential is 91. He is from Belgium and is 28 years old, playing for Real Madrid in Primera División in Spain. Thibaut Courtois FIFA 21 has 1 technical movement and 3 weak feet. He is on the left foot and his work efficiency is Med / Med. The height of the player is 199 cm | 6’6″ and the weight is 96 kg | 212lbs. He has a true face in the game.

Courtois made his debut in international competitions in October 2011, being the youngest goalkeeper on behalf of Belgium. Since then, he has won 50 games and played in the 2014 World Cup and UEFA Euro 2016.

Manuel Neuer 

Team: Bayern Munich
Position: GK
Age: 34

At one time when Neuer was undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the world. Although he ranks fifth on this list, he is not so much worse than worse because of the rise of more real world-class players. As the originator of the modern “sweeping goalkeeper”, Neuer undoubtedly performed well in playing statistics. If speed is not considered, his lowest score is 86.

Neuer is the pioneer of our generation of sweepers, strong on the ball and between the sticks. He has high evaluations of 91 goalkeepers kicking the ball, 89 goalkeepers reflecting the ball, and 87 goalkeepers manipulating the display cabinet. Know more information, please click how to buy FIFA coins.