Google Continuous Scrolling update: How Will it Affect SEO


Google has rolled a new update named ‘Continuous Scrolling’ on Google for mobile. Due to the update, the 1st page of Google will become 4 times longer.  Now, you will get search results equivalent to 4 pages on the 1st page. This update is going to affect SEO as well, you can hire SEO services Australia to get the most out of this update.

The motive of ‘continuous scrolling’ is to make the user experience smoother and help searchers to find their answer quickly. The continuous scrolling also makes space for rich results. It allows Google to integrate rich results by maintaining the real SERPs. Google’s dedication to improving the user experience and establishing trust is what keeps consumers clicking and ad revenue rising.  

Earlier more pages were used to reflect the results of the query but for this, the user has to continuously click to navigate to the next page, and this is not good for the user experience. With this update, the user can easily find more results on the 1st page and thus their time is also saved. So, this update improves the user experience and saves the time of people as well.

Most importantly this update also affects SEO, and in this post, we are going to see how this update will affect SEO.

Effects of continuous scrolling update on SEO

1. More impressions for page 2 results

With the continuous scrolling feature, Google motivates its users to scroll more to get more results. So, this is a straight benefit for websites that rank on the 2nd page as  people will see the results of the 2nd page on the same page as the results of page 1. This will benefit page 2 results and these results will get more impressions. 

Currently, less than 1 percent of people click on results on the 2nd page but when it will be easier for people to access the results on page 2, it will shoot up. However, the quality of the results of the 2nd page must be good enough to attract visitors. Make sure to hire the Best SEO company Australia to help you with this purpose.

2. Page 1 Click-through rate (CTR) will reduce

If page 2 will be more accessible, the CTR of page 1 will go down. Continuous scrolling features will give an experience like social media to the users. So, people will scroll more to explore the results. 

The results of page 1 hold importance and they are on page 1 due to a reason. But, with the continuous scrolling, the importance of 1st-page results may go down and thus its CTR will also reduce. You can hire an SEO company Australia to ensure your site gets more clicks. 

3. Optimizing site for continuous scrolling

Now, optimizing the websites for continuous scrolling will become more important. The quality of the results will play a major role with this update and thus you need to take extra care about your content and optimize it. 

You need to ensure that the content is created with the goal of addressing a specific search for your specific target audience. This allows you to generate high-quality, customized content for the people you wish to reach. 

You also have to make sure that your content is optimized in the right way with the keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions. By this, you can pay attention to your target audience. And, your site will also look attractive and people will click it irrespective of the ranking of your site. For optimizing your site for continuous scrolling, an SEO company would be extremely helpful. 

4. More rich results

While scrolling through social media, you see a lot of images, videos, and other stuff. Likewise, in Google, there are rich results that include elements such as shopping, video, highlighted snippets, frequently asked questions, and more. 

As people feel comfortable scrolling through the search results, it will be easy for Google to include rich results. Earlier, it was difficult to have too many rich results on a single static page, but scrolling including these types of results will be easier. 

5. Benefit for local businesses

In the organic search, the top rankings are generally given to the local businesses. But all the businesses cannot be in 1st place, some may be on 9th and 10th as well. When there is pagination, people won’t go too far to click on these results. But, with the new scrolling update, people will scroll more and discover more results. So, the businesses having a lower rank will also witness the traffic. Thus, continuous scrolling will be a major benefit for local businesses growth

6. More number of zero-click searches

Zero searches mean a user is not clicking any link from the results. And, these zero-click searches are increasing rapidly. Around 65 to 70% of searches go without any click.  Now, this number is going to rise with the new update of continuous scrolling. 

One of the major reasons why people don’t click on any link is because they get the information from meta descriptions or from rich results. And, continuous scrolling will show richer results and thus more zero clicks will be witnessed. 

7. More number of paid search ads

Currently, Google provides more ads when people go beyond page 1 to search for their results. However, many people don’t go beyond page 1. But, with continuous scrolling, people will scroll more as it is easy to search while scrolling. So, you may witness more numbers of paid search ads. 

The amount of AdWords inventory available will grow, which will benefit both paid search marketers and Google. If you have a business, then you can also benefit from this feature by adapting as per this update.


In conclusion, we would say that with this new update of ‘Continuous scrolling’, many things are going to change. You can also hire SEO services in Australia to keep your website in check. You have to adapt as per the update to get the most benefit out of this latest update by Google.