Safety is, and always has been, a paramount component of transport and logistics around the world.  For the companies within the sector, the safety of their drivers is the most important aspect.  

The global transport industry and governing bodies are investing a conservative effort in reducing transport- related accidents associated with mass management and overloading; which includes the likes of buses, trucks and commercial vehicles. With safety top of mind enforcement agencies are now routinely stopping and checking more transport vehicles than they ever have before, to ensure that transport vehicles are complying. 

Of course, this means that all transport companies have implemented corrective measures to ensure commercial vehicles and trucks are being loaded within axle and gross vehicle tolerances. 

Weighing the axles of your trucks and commercial vehicles before they leave your site ensures that your business stays within the law, while also maximising fleet and driver safety. This is why it is so incredibly important that when you are choosing truck scales, you are selecting the correct truck scale for your business needs. 

You always want to select a truck scale that is proven to be accurate, reliable and user- friendly. This is why Trakblaze is the right place to purchase your truck scales. Trakblaze truck scales are sold worldwide and renowned for their high industry accuracies, reliability and ability to weigh your fleet or transport vehicle while on the go. 

Their two options of TRUCKMATE (portable truck scales) and Force 1 (truck axle scales) will ensure that your bus, truck or commercial vehicle complies within its axle weights and measurements. 

So, what’s the best solution for you? Truckmate or Force 1? Here are there stand out features to help you decide: 


TRUCKMATE portable truck scales are government proven to be accurate, reliable and user-friendly. TRUCKMATE’S portability, high accuracy and instant onsite printouts will assist in reducing your risks of overloading, ensuring your company is addressing any requirement within the supply chain. 

This accurate, portable and low-profile weigh pad has been tested and developed alongside VicRoads Transport Safety Services, among other government and private companies, both locally and internationally. 

TRUCKMATE is the lowest profile portable truck scales that has ever been offered by Trakblaze, and it boasts a large weighing surface and extremely low profile (only 18mm high) with excellent accuracy, due to 20 independent load cells under the top plate. It is available in both wired and wireless configurations to suit the individual needs for your business.

These scales are for anyone who is after an extremely slimline, user friendly, splashproof, accurate, robust and reliable portable truck scale. This incredible scale is the perfect way for you to ensure your trucks, commercial vehicles and their drivers are all safe and are weighed correctly. 


The Force™ 1 truck axle weighbridge scale is designed to reduce and utilise yard space, while addressing the need for high accuracy weighing within transport. It is built to endure the world’s most challenging transport environments and is known as the world’s toughest axle weigher.  

This compact and slimline axis truck scale requires minimal space and can quickly and accurately weight loads in motion. 

The FORCE™ 1 allows your fleet to both quickly and accurately measure loads in motion. This method of weighing will actually increase the production and profit of your business overall, by keeping your fleet moving as well as addressing the occupational health, safety and maintenance costs associated with overloading. 

It is capable of accurately measuring each and every axle load, either statically or in motion at up to 12kph (7.5kph) with the total vehicle weight then calculated and displayed on the PD controller and optional L.E.D display. With an in-motion accuracy of 0.5% and a static accuracy of 0.05%, Force 1 is the right scale for you if you need to handle the toughest of conditions while trying to keep your fleet safe.  

Now that you know all about the two incredible truck scales offered by Trakblaze, you can decide what the best solution is for you and your business.