baggage at the airport

There are numerous baggage checks in airports and a number of rules surrounding it. There’s carry on baggage, checked baggage, personal items, that can be a little too much to digest. So what is the basic difference between them all? If you haven’t flown out before, you should take out some time to learn about the different kinds of baggage and what you can take and cannot take in cheap air tickets to mumbai.

Let’s start with a guide for different baggages. 

  • Checked baggage: A checked baggage or hold baggage is that item of baggage that is stored inside the hold of the aircraft and cannot be accessed during the flight. The size and weight allowance that comes with checked baggage is more than what you’re allowed for personal items and carry on baggage and there are usually fewer restrictions in regards to what you can put inside a checked in baggage. A checked baggage needs to be weighed and then dropped at the check in desk found in the airport.  Most of the times, checked baggage is provided with the ticket itself however with some low cost airlines you have to purchase the checked baggage either at the airport or prior to the flight. Purchasing it prior to the flight is always a better option because that way you can save a lot of money. 
  • Carry on baggage is a kind of hand baggage that is usually kept with a person during the flight and is gets stored in the cabin of the aircraft, above the passenger’s head. The carry on baggage size is usually half of the size of the checked baggage but is more than the personal allowance item.  A carry on baggage has to go through numerous security checks and there are quite a bit of items that you cannot carry with you on the plane. Any liquid that’s over 100ml or anything that can be used as a bludgeon is prohibited from carry on baggage. Most of the time a carry on baggage is a given by the airlines. 
  • Personal items. Usually a personal item like a laptop, handbag or a smallish rucksack is allowed. Just like a carry on baggage a personal item can be kept on the person itself during the flight. The size of this item is much less than the carry on baggage. However, every airline does not allow a personal item baggage on board, and you’re usually asked to carry it with yourself in the carry on bag itself. The size and weight for each type of baggage is different from one airline to the other, which means you will have to check before you fly. Its important to remember that incase you’re purchasing any liquid item from the duty free section and have a connecting flight after that, you need to consider whether or not you will be allowed to take the items with you to the second flight. There’s a different rule everywhere in terms of cheapest airfares to mumbai, so if you have connecting flights, get to know their rules and regulations.