Mediclaim Policy for Family

Health insurance plans play a very important role in protecting a person to pay a hefty amount of medical bills. The increased reasons for persons to fall sick and get hospitalized are mainly attributed to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Medical insurance has become a necessity as it looks after medical bills, hospitalization charges, etc. Therefore, one has to be careful while selecting the best medical insurance plan in order to take care of medical requirements. In this way, you have not to pay medical bills out of your savings.

What is a cashless Mediclaim policy?

Having a Cashless Mediclaim in place is an added advantage for the insured. Under this policy, medical bills are directly cleared by the insurance company. The insured has to provide prior information to the insurance company well in advance before being getting hospitalized. If there is an emergency, then the insurance company can be informed within 24 hours of hospitalization. The incurred expenses by the insured during the period of hospitalization are borne by the insurance company if the total cost is well under the assured limit provided to the insured by the insurer and the hospital is covered by the network of the company.

Furthermore, several insurance companies have added several beneficial schemes in cashless Mediclaim policies taking into consideration the increasing healthcare requirements.

Mentioned below are some tips and tricks before opting for best Mediclaim policy:

Examine the insurer: Before opting for the best cashless Mediclaim policy, one needs to assess his requirements. All policies which are cashless comes with a limited amount and if it exceeds the limit then it is not covered by the insurance company. Hence, be careful while choosing the plan and calculate the premium accordingly by visiting the online portal of the insurance company. Always keep your budget in mind. 

Get a fair idea of covered hospitals: One needs to go through the list of hospitals that are covered under the mediclaim policy before choosing the best cashless plan. It would be beneficial to choose the nearby hospital for your convenience and also check if the policy is providing any benefits for the pre-existing illness.

Best cashless plan for the family: Today there are various health insurance companies in place which are providing affordable health policies with a maximum range of benefits. The aim is to cover the maximum people who can also enjoy the health benefits. One should look for the best Mediclaim policies for the family which is embedded with the highest coverage network of hospitals with an ISO certified claim process. The cashless approval is sought within 2-4 hours of hospitalization from most of the insurance companies. It is only through the medium of cashless Mediclaim facilities, one can protect his family. In order to opt for the best cashless Mediclaim policy for your family, one can visit the online portal of various insurance companies and assess their benefits, compare and finalize as per his requirements and the financials involved in it.

Best Mediclaim policy to secure family: There are many insurance companies in the market which are providing optimum benefits to the insurers. One should take into account the coverage cost and premiums along with the facilities offered. The premium should be in line with your budget without hampering your financial condition. There are health insurance plans that are appropriate for persons below 60 years of age. However, there are also policies for newborns and senior citizens.

Important factors to be considered before opting for Mediclaim policy: 

  • Analyze the pre-approval period of the policy
  • Make a note of the exact amount to be covered under the plan
  • Keep in mind that the insurance company will only pay the insured amount and not bear the extra charges
  • Prepare a list of documents to be submitted at the time of obtaining the claim
  • Check out the names of the networking hospitals covered under the insurance plan