Instagram Marketing

That a photograph speaks a thousand words is well-known, but do you know that you can put Instagram to good use for storytelling? Instagram has been one of the rapidly evolving and extremely engaging social media ever since its inception in 2020. The Facebook-owned app started as a mere media-sharing platform but has eventually garnered popularity as one of the powerful marketing totem poles. As per research, a whopping 72 percent of businesses thrive on Instagram and have business accounts in 2017, which is double the statistics of 2016.

Instagram takes pride in:

  • Over 1 billion active Instagram users, comprising of 800 monthly and 500 million regular users.
  • More than 40 billion photographs posted to date.
  • 3.5 likes earned regularly. You can also come across billions of business profiles who buy Instagram likes to nurture their business strategies and gain access to a broader spectrum of audience.
  • More than 60% of Instagram users log in every day. This is second to Facebook when we talk of the most engaging users.
  • 59% of users in the US are in the age group between 18-29, turning it into a millennial-rich social platform.

Instagram has established its brand identity, not only as a sole platform for media sharing but also as an important business platform to sell their products, stories, and company culture. Thanks to the 21.2 % of raised peer-to-peer fundraising dollars being earned from the social media posts, now even the non-profits can engage in the game. 

Non-profits can leverage Instagram to seek support, share their ideologies and display impact with the help of powerful and visceral mediums: the visual media. 

Given Below are Tips for both experienced and novice to ace up their game. 

Turn your Account into Business Profile

There are myriad benefits of getting your accounts registered as a business account on Instagram, which is inclusive of selecting the category for your type of business. Get yourself listed as a non-profit, to enable others to understand your social mission, the moment to come past your profile. Ensure you have mentioned the contact information followed by your website as well.

When you set a lot to turn your account into a business page, you are allowed with access to insights like engagement and impression, this reaching out to all your stories and posts. 

Post Stories and Have it Saved as the Highlight

Instagram stories enable you to post interesting snapshots of your business sans the fear of excessive-posting. 

As per Instagram, you are free to share to your heart’s content throughout the day, with oodles of creativity. What’s more? You can also enliven the story in myriad ways through drawing tools and text. The videos and or photos will vanish after 24 hours and wouldn’t be visible on your feed. 

First things first, visit your profile and click on “Story Highlights” just beneath your username. Tap on the plus sign to add your story, before selecting the story that you wish to add and click Next. Thereafter, you can select a cover photo and an ideal name for your story before completing the task. 

Instagram might have established its identity through fashion or good niches, but is also a universal platform for any given brands to draw benefits from. The brands are out to buy Instagram followers to eliminate the time dedicated to putting efforts for the sake of garnering real-time followers. To turn Instagram as beneficial for your non-profit organization, you have to dedicate time to curating the content besides constantly updating its functions and features.