Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the annual civil service examination (CSE) in the month of May or June of a particular year. The number of aspirants for these exams is not in hundreds or thousands but in lakhs. If we see the trend, the number of aspirants that enroll for this examination will be always beyond 10 lakh. UPSC 2020 has also seen aspirants applying for the examination in lakhs. 

With this number, we can get an idea of how difficult it is to compete for the examination which is this coveted. However, there are few tips that an aspirant can use to clear the examination with if not ease but then with a lot of smartness. These tips for UPSC 2020 can be helpful for all the aspirants who already have a passion for the examination. The list below helps you to prioritize your time for each of the subjects for the exam and prepare accordingly. 

Tip Number #1 – Know your subjects thoroughly – 

Time and again it has been told to know your syllabus. However, the aspirants should know that five subjects rule the examination. These are history, Indian Polity, Geography, Economics, and Environment and Biodiversity. If candidates are clear with these subjects and they know every such information relevant to these subjects, it becomes easier for them to score in the exam 

Tip Number #2 – Know the syllabus of the important subjects – 

Additionally, the aspirants should know the syllabus of all the subjects that are asked in the examination. Knowing the syllabus verbatim will be helpful for the aspirants

Tip Number #3 – Know Current Affairs2020 – 

The current affairs of that particular year play an important role in the examination and when an aspirant has a grip on the current affairs 2020 for the upcoming exam, it will help him a lot to score well.

Tip Number #4 – Know the static facts – 

There has been an ongoing trend to always know the dynamic facts about the topics but static information about the subjects will always be helpful

Tip Number #5 – Always have a timetable handy – 

A good timetable will always come to your rescue when you hit the low during your preparation. A time table helps you keep track of your preparation with respect to your syllabus

Tip Number #6 – Enrol for test series – 

A good test series will show you the mirror w.r.t your preparation. It doesn’t matter which institutes’ test series you enroll. All it matters, how dedicatedly you are sitting for those tests and learning from those. 

Tip Number #7 – Revision is the key – 

It is the motto of the aspirants irrespective of the examination that they are taking. Revision keeps you updated with all that you have read before. 

Tip Number #8 – Health is important – 

Aspirants should never forget to keep the utmost care of their health while preparing for this examination. It should be the top priority before anything. A healthy body and mind will let you cross all hurdles easily. 

Tip Number #9 – Patience and perseverance will always bring results – 

An aspirant should never forget that patience and perseverance will always help him/her to keep his/her calm and sit for the examination.

Tip Number #10 – Failure is a part of the success – 

Never take failure as the dead end. It sure can happen to anybody but it should always motivate you to work better and perform best.