Sports Betting in the Global Pandemic Known as COVID-19 COVID-19 is decimating the world’s population. The latest statistics, as quoted by the World Health Organization, show that there are more than 416 000 people infected with circa 18 500 deaths. And, these figures show that every country in the world has at least one infection. Because this is a new virus, no one living in the world has any form of immunity. Additionally, not much is known about the way COVID-19 mutates and spreads. And, there are no vaccines for it and won’t be for at least eighteen months. What is accepted by researchers and specialists across the globe is that social distancing plays the most significant role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Consequently, at least 20% of the world’s population is under varying states of lockdown from “shelter-in-place” orders to extreme lockdown where people are not allowed to leave their homes for a predefined time. It is also pertinent to note that every single sporting event across the world has been postponed or canceled. Therefore, the question that begs is, how do sports betting pundits continue to gamble on sporting events? Sports betting during the global shutdown By way of answering this question, here are several points worth considering: Online sports betting Because the “social distancing” order bans people from gathering in groups of between two and ten people, it is not a good idea to go to the local brick-and-mortar bookmaker. Fortunately, there is an alternative – online sports betting. A caveat here is that, if you have not yet signed up with a sportsbook, it is vital to utilize a sports betting review site like to open a gambling account with a bona fide sports betting agency. Unfortunately, because of the openness of the World Wide Web, fraudulent sports betting companies can set up scam websites. Fantasy sports As noted at the outset of this article, every single one of the world’s sporting events has either been canceled or postponed. Thus, sports bettors cannot bet on any live sports matches or games. Fortunately, it is possible to wager on fantasy or virtual sports games. How? Firstly, sportsbooks set up virtual sports leagues that copy existing sports league matches like the English Football League, the American National Football League (NFA), and the American Basketball League (NBA). Secondly, the teams and players in the fantasy leagues are precisely the same as are in the live league. For example, the English Football Fantasy League includes virtual teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. And, the live player’s on-pitch behavior such as how many goals scored, penalties awarded, yellow cards and red cards awarded, and whether a player is injured or not and for how long. Thirdly and finally, the game time of fantasy sports matches is much shorter than their real-time equivalent. And, betting odds are calculated using a mathematical algorithm based on the teams involved in the match’s performance. Final thoughts While fantasy, or virtual, sports betting is not the same as wagering on a live game, it is all we have now. And sportsbooks are doing their best to make the fantasy games exciting and fun to wager on.

Are you interested in sports betting? If so, do you understand the art and science of placing a winning bet? 

Unfortunately, knowledge is not inherited. Nor is anyone born with the innate ability to wager successfully on a sports match without studying betting theory and practicing placing wagers in a demo environment before moving onto live betting. 

Additionally, there is a difference between knowledge and talent. While some talent is inherited, it can also be developed in partnership with the knowledge gain exercise. Thus, the best way to increase your knowledge, skill, and talent to place successful wagers is to work hard at learning the ins and outs of a successful bet. 

Finally, it is essential to be aware of the fact that, while beginner’s luck exists and you might benefit from this phenomenon at the beginning of your sports betting journey, beginner’s luck always runs out. Thus, it’s best not to rely on it at all.

A rudimentary guide to placing successful bets

Before we look at how to place successful wagers, it must be highlighted that it is vital to use sports betting review site like in order to search for a bona fide sportsbook to sign up with. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the total amount deposited as your bankroll and your personal information stolen and sold on the dark web.

Secondly, the next important decision to make is whether to place a wager on a particular sports match or not. And you cannot make this decision without the knowledge of what to look for as part of the decision-making process. 

Thus, let’s consider the following tips on how to bet successfully on a sports match. 

Only wager small amounts 

Successful sports bettors do not wager most of their bankroll on a single bet. It is not possible to win every bet you place. Thus, it is vital to adopt the strategy of risking small amounts on each bet and using the overall number of small but successful bets to increase your bankroll.

Understanding the math behind betting odds states the following about the math behind betting odds: 

The math underlying odds and gambling can help determine whether a wager is worth pursuing.”

Another way to look at betting odds is to consider them as probabilities of winning or losing. They have implied probabilities, not direct probabilities. Thus, by way of explanation, let’s look at an example of a Moneyline or Win bet. 

The Moneyline bet is the most straightforward wager available. Gamblers need to choose which individual or team they believe will win the sporting event. Of course, the match could end in a draw so there are actually 3 options: win, lose, or draw. 

Bookmakers offer odds based on which individual or team is considered the underdog and which individual has the best chance of winning a match. 

For example, if we consider a football match between two English teams, Liverpool and Manchester City. The bookmaker decides that Liverpool has a 75% chance of winning the game. Additionally, Manchester City has a 5% chance of winning, and there is a 20% chance that the match will end in a draw. 

Thus, the odds are as follows: 

Liverpool to win the match = 1.33

Manchester City to win = 20

And a draw = 5

Thus, if you bet $100 that Liverpool wins the match, you will receive 1.33 x $100, which is equal to $133. If you risk $100 that Manchester City will win, and they do, you will receive 20 x $100, which equals $2000. And, if you use $100 to place a wager on the fact that the match will be a draw, you will receive $500.s