residential proxies

Proxies are popular for their ability to improve your online privacy, but they also have other surprising benefits. Keep reading below to find out why you should use residential proxies!

Everybody is talking about Internet security and privacy when surfing the web. And, it’s only normal since lately cybersecurity seems to bring more and more challenges into the picture.

Proxies are often linked to Internet security because they help you browse the web anonymously, safely, and without dealing with geographical restrictions. 

Not sure what residential proxies are and how they keep you safe online? Keep reading below. 

Residential proxies explained

Residential proxies are servers that can contain one or more IP addresses and act as intermediaries between your device and the websites you visit. The provider assigns these proxies to each user. They are more genuine-looking compared to other proxy types, making the IP address assigned to you to look similar to the IP of a normal residential user. 

Now, let’s see how residential proxies work. Basically, you pay the provider for access to these IP addresses that will appear on the websites when you browse the web. When you make a search request, your real IP address is concealed, and the website sees the proxy server’s information instead of your device’s IP address. 

Reasons to use residential proxies

We’ve covered the biggest question, what residential proxies are. But you definitely want to know how they help you. Let’s talk about that now. Here are a few reasons why you should use residential proxies when surfing the web. 

1. They help you stay anonymous online

Since residential proxies help trick websites to see another IP address than your device’s actual address, you can browse anonymously. 

Say, for example, that you want to check plane tickets for your next trip, and you don’t want the website to know it is your device searching for that so that it doesn’t display you higher prices next time you look for the same flight. Well, a proxy helps you with that because the website will never know it was you searching for flights. 

2. You can see blocked content

Some websites are blocked for residents from other countries, which can be really annoying when you want to find a piece of content on a blocked website. Using residential proxies can help you get through the geographical restrictions and access the blocked website because the site sees another regional IP address. 

3. Improved security  

Residential proxies offer added security when compared to shared proxies because these shared networks can be abused and link you to cybersecurity threats such as hackers or malicious websites. 

4. Switch between multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram only allows users to switch between five accounts on one device. But, using residential proxies can also help you switch between multiple Instagram accounts if, for example, you are a marketer and need them to promote a brand on social media. Many marketers use residential proxies for this reason.