S128 is the biggest online chicken providers in Southeast Asia and the S128 betting game is a cockfighting shoot out game, played online in Indonesia. Even though the game is Indonesian based players all over the world can access the game. S1289 is the official agent for the cockfighting game. This fabulous game can be played online on desktop and smartphones. For a desktop computer, the game can be opened and played in the browser itself and it is available as a downloadable application for smartphone users. The game site contains games like sports bet, poke, lottery, slot machine and fish shooting game other than chicken fight game.


The user has to register in the official game site server to enjoy the online gameplay. Registration should be done with personal information and bank details. Also, the player has to deposit in agreement with the betting amount. The fund can be deposited and withdrawn from the site by using the live chat services. The registration can be done by the user directly on the website or by using the live chat services of the website. For registering with the help of live chat, the user has to attach their personal data along with their bank details in the live chat. After registration, the user id and password will be sent to the players through both SMS and email.

Gaming Guidance

S128 betting is limited to the users who are of legitimate age as determined by the authority. Gaming agents will be available to escort the player’s gameplay, betting and account maintenance. Live chat service will be operative on the game site to guide the players. This online chat service can be availed through WhatsApp and LIVECHAT. Also, the player can read the game instructions from the game site to understand the term and conditions of the gameplay. The user can avail bonus cash for referrals and winnings. Also, the game site provides a cashback bonus and promotion bonus.

Match streaming and results  

Once the registration is completed the player can enter into the betting game and can choose a chicken to bet between red or blue chicken to start betting. The match results of each game will be decided and finalized by the gambling site. If the players found any dispute in the match it should be queried on the same day of the match. No query will be accepted after the match day.  The match timing is ten minutes and if both the chicken die at the same time before the game time, the result can be declared a draw, and the client can get their bet amount refunded. When both the roosters are declared draw due to full-time gameplay all the bet will be lost by both sides. The user can view the live streaming of the rooster fight on the game website or through the smartphone application and can monitor the game progress. An alternate link is available to access the game in order to avoid any connections constraints.