Wedding time is very crucial for a bride as she has to manage her stress, self-nurture and take out time to chill. This is an integral part of the process of wedding planning. There is a need to take care of yourself and the relationship to reduce stress. Here are some stress-breaking tips for brides to stay calm and composed during wedding preparation:

Focus on managing your own

It has been often seen that in the process of pleasing everyone one forgets about himself/herself. It is painful when you learn that after paying so much heed you have failed and there is no positive outcome. Therefore, it is very essential to manage your own and do not think of managing everyone’s emotions. After all, it is your wedding and not anyone else’s.

Organize a meeting with the groom

You will relieve all your stress when you meet with the groom. Moreover, you will feel united, safe and secure in your partner’s hands. Both the bride and the groom should stand together and unite in the process of arriving at any decision that is beneficial for both partners.

Look after small things

The time between the engagement and the marriage is very precious and the journey is full of sweet memories to cherish. It is your wedding and not just an ordinary party that needs proper planning. You should take care of even small things to make your wedding special. Sometimes even small things make a big difference and help you prepare for the marriage.

Allocate some time to yourself

When you sense the stress, it is always good to take some time out and go for a walk or meditate; watch a good movie to divert your mind or listen to soothing music; get a massage or spa and a relaxing hot bath or manicure etc. At the end of the day, you have to love and value yourself.

Time management

The importance of the wedding day cannot be undermined and it is a special day for the bride and the groom. The bride should frame a timeline that includes every small detail so that there is effective time management which, in turn, does not trigger unnecessary stress.

Take proper sleep

Long sleep is very necessary for brides-to-be that are into full-time jobs and preparing for their wedding. At least getting sleep of 7-8 hours is a must as it relaxes your mind and body and enables you to work smoothly. You feel fully rejuvenated. 

Eat sensibly

It has been observed that often people eat too much during the time of stress or tension. The bride-to-be should inculcate a habit of having healthy food and avoid junk foods, such as ice cream, cake, burgers, pizza, etc. as consuming these will harm you in one way or the other. Therefore, you should focus on fitness as poor eating habits will result in agitation, reduce your energy levels and distract your focus. 

Deeply involved

It is very unusual to search for a woman who has not visualized about marrying her prince. There are specific reasons that help keep a dream wedding fantasy for women, especially those who are actively engaged in the planning process of a wedding.


Shopping is an integral part of everybody’s life, whether it is window shopping or party shopping. Shopping for marriage should be done well in advance. Various accessories are required, such as wedding dress, jewelry, makeup, return gifts for near and dear ones. First and foremost, a wedding dress should be selected well in advance and that too a month before the marriage to take place. Once the wedding dress has been selected, then the matching jewelry and makeup according to the color of the dress, could be finalized. One can also look online sources to finalize wedding return gifts etc. for relatives and friends.  


Proper well-planned wedding preparations are crucial in making the wedding a ‘dream wedding’. It will only happen when the bride-to-be stays calm and composed in the course of all preparations, from big to small things. After all, the wedding happens only once and this is the time for the bride and groom to turn their fantasies into reality!


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