Data analyst

Interpreting data is not an easy thing. It is a known fact that organization receive tons of information every single day and they receive this information in the form of data. To better optimize their strategies, it is important that organizations hire such a person who has the ability to interpret data. For this reason, they need highly qualified professionals, mean data analysts. It is the responsibility of a data analyst to devise such Strategies for companies through which they can offer considerable packages to their customers according to their needs. It is a data analyst who teaches the company how to improve marketing strategies or how to implement a better structure for production processes. 

For all those who have their heart in Information Technology should go for being a data analyst. Data analytics training by Wagner College is a must if you want to go into this field. 

What should be your qualification if you want to become a data analyst?

There is good news for every student who has managed to get a high GPA because they can go for being a data analyst. The other way of going into this field is by having a Data Analytics training certification. Once this certification is on your resume then there are chances that you are going to land this job. In most cases, it is also important to have a degree in mathematics, statistics, and economics for being a data analyst. Data analysts do a lot of jobs ranging from entry-level jobs to export level jobs. For entry-level a bachelor’s degree is enough but for higher-level data analyst it is imperative that you have a master or doctoral degree. Along with this, if you have a data analyst training certification that would also suffice.

What are the required skills of being an expert data analyst?

For all those who want to become data analysts, it is imperative for such people to know that just education will not suffice. There are different skills that are required to hold this position. The organization need to know how you will be able to drive the data from different materials and for that they would look for your skills. There are certain skills that are needed for a person to land the job of being a data analyst and we are going to talk about these skills one by one. 

All the people who want to be an expert in this field should go for Data Analytics training so they can learn these required skills in an easy way.

Data manipulation and management ability 

First and foremost if you want to become a data analyst then it is imperative that you have the ability to be familiar with different computing languages ranging from SQL, R and hive.  Data analyst built queries so they can extract the data and it is imperative for you to be an expert in building queries if you want to extract data in a professional way. You should also have the ability to analyze data so you can create accurate reports. Along with this, it is essential that you have the know-how of SAS, Oracle, Microsoft Power BI, Cognos, Tableau and Visual analyzer.

Strong mathematical ability

If you know that you are not good at mathematics and Statistics then this field is definitely not for you. All the people who want to become an expert data analyst should be familiar with formulas and hand on mathematical ability. It is imperative that you know how to solve the common basic problems by using mathematics. There are chances that you will be doing a lot of calculating, depreciation and statistical measures so it is essential that you have this ability with you. It is also important that you know how to use charts, graphs, and tables so you can make the manifestation of data much more appealing. College-level algebra is also a must if you want to go for this field. At some point, Linear Algebra and calculus are also very helpful for being an expert Data analyst.  Nothing can teach you strong mathematical skills than being in Data Analytics training so make sure you go for it.

Programing languages is a must 

Being a data analyst means being proficient in at least one programming language. There are different kinds of programming language and it is imperative for a data analyst to be an expert in it. Such a person can go a long way who know how to manipulate data using Python, C++, Matlab, PHP, Java, and R. 

Domain knowledge 

Being a data analyst means being able to provide accurate information to decision-makers. You can only be able to provide quality and accurate information to decision-makers if you have the ability to understand the domain. It is very important to understand different domains and it is also imperative to have great communication skills. If you are good at Domain knowledge but you are not good with communication skills then there are chances that you are not going to build a very good rapport with clients.  As there are discussions in Data Analytics training so you can be good at communication knowledge as well as domain knowledge.

Once you have these required skills with you then you can be certain that you are going to get a job in different organizations at different positions. Other than that you can help in market research, finance, investment, and sales.

We talked in detail how you can be an expert data analyst but it is also true that unless you practically apply the knowledge somewhere you won’t get it. For this reason data, analytic training is a must. By being in this training mean being acquainted with a lot of things.  Having this certification means having a complete set of skills to be an expert data analyst.  Once you have this training with you then there are chances that you are going to land big information technology.