The internet has gone through a vast phase of evolution, and it has transformed how people use, view and edit the content on the online platform like video marketing. It all started with just text, and now we are witnessing the growth of virtual and augmented reality on the online platform. But there is one form of content which grew dramatically and started dominating the internet like a king, and that form of content is known as videos.

Currently, there are almost 1,300,000,000,300 hours of video on YouTube, and this giant video platform gets practically 30 million visitors every day. But now, along with YouTube, Facebook has also stepped in the race of online videos with Instagram acting like a newcomer. With so many things happening in the world of online videos, it has become essential for small businesses to leverage video marketing.

It has been seen that people engage more with videos in comparison to text and images. Even the response rate in the case of videos is much higher than any other form of content. This is why, in this blog post, we will go through some of the tips that small businesses can use for getting better results through their video marketing efforts.

Keep a tab on what’s trending

Indeed, you should always make videos that can represent your product and service and make people aware of your brand. But why do people wish to see a video which describes your product or service? Well, they will do so if the theme of your video is based on something that is trending.

From a celebrity’s new hairstyle that people are following to a new meme, everything that is trending on the internet can be used in the videos to engage more viewers. But you should always stay away from sensitive topics that can hurt the sentiment of people. Everything doesn’t trend on the internet for the right reasons, and therefore you should choose the trending topic very wisely.

Use the first few seconds of the video very wisely

The attention span of your customers is concise, and this is why the first few seconds of your video matters a lot. You will be dumbfounded to know that the average attention span on the online platform is just 8.5 seconds.

When it comes to creating a quality video, then you should bring your video to life quickly; otherwise, the bounce rate of your videos will be higher. 

Many people close a video within its first 5–10 seconds. This is why, during the opening section of the video, you should always give clarity to what your video is about. This will provide viewers with the confidence that whatever they are going to watch in the video will be worth their time.

Focus on the story, not on the sale

The online platform is flooded with sales push on an everyday basis, and all aggressive sales push are annoying for your customers. Never let your brand be one of those aggressive sales push, especially while creating a video. 

Nobody will be interested in watching an infomercial of your product or service, and this is why you should always focus on the story, instead of the sale. Try to tell an engaging, unique and appealing story to your customers through your video. If the account is fascinating, then people will undoubtedly be interested in knowing about your brand and the product and services you are offering.

You should make the most of the emotive power of your video to target the emotional trigger point of your viewers so that they can connect themselves with the video in a much better way. But never forget to place a strategic and relevant call to action alongside a tracked URL.

If you will be able to build a successful video marketing strategy and implement it as planned, then you will get amazing results. Successful video marketing doesn’t only increase the traffic on your website, but it also builds a strong reputation and image of your brand in the minds of viewers. So invest in your video, choose experts, and use video marketing as a magic wand for your business.


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