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Case 1: I recorded a webinar in MP4 file format by using Bandicam on my system. But when I tried playing this MP4 file created by Bandicam, I couldn’t play it. How can I fix corrupted MP4 video created by Bandicam software.

Case 2: I used Bandicam to capture my Xbox video game in MP4 file format. I am unable to play it and the video seems to be corrupted. Is there a way I can repair MP4 file corruption in Bandicam?

Bandicam is a software used for recording or capturing screen as video files. Are you facing issues similar to the ones given above? Is your MP4 video created by Bandicam corrupted or couldn’t be played? In this post we’ll discuss how you can repair corrupted MP4 video created by using Bandicam, but before that let’s discuss some quick fixes which may help resolve playability issues with your video file.

Quick Fixes to Solve MP4 Recording Playability Issues

Use another media player – You’d not be able to play your MP4 recording on a player that doesn’t support MP4 file format.   

Use another device or PC – Some problems with the device may cause video playability issues. For instance, your MP4 files may fail to play on a Windows system if Windows display driver or Windows OS is not updated.

Download and install Codecs – If the player you’re trying to use for playing MP4 recording doesn’t have Codecs supporting the MP4 file, the video would fail to play. 

If these quick fixes don’t help fix the issue, this means that your AVI video file is corrupt. Follow the method given below to repair corrupt MP4 file. 

Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Recordings by Using Stellar Repair for Video

If your MP4 file is corrupted, it can’t be played. The only solution to fix the corruption and make the AVI file playable is to use an advanced video repair tool such as Stellar Repair for Video. Stellar Video Repair software is one of the best and authentic software introduced by Stellar Data Recovery India to repair MP4 files. It can repair the corrupted MP4 recordings captured by Bandicam irrespective of the cause of corruption. 

Key Features of Stellar Repair for Video

  • Easy to use
  • Repairs corrupted header & other components of video files
  • Repairs grainy, pixilated, distorted, discolored, choppy, blurry, and frozen AVI videos
  • Fixes “not playable” video files due to corruption

Steps to Repair Corrupted MP4 File by Using Stellar Repair for Video

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows system
screen recording
  1. Click Add File, and select the corrupted MP4 file

[NOTE]: You can browse multiple corrupted MP4 files simultaneously and repair them all. 

screen recording
  1. Click Repair button
screen recording
  1. Once the repairing process is completed, you can see preview of the repaired MP4 file by clicking Preview under Action column

If the repairing status remains as Awaiting Action, this means that the Bandicam recording is severely corrupted. In such a case, you can run Advance Repair by clicking Advance Repair under Action column.

  1. Save the repaired MP4 file at a desired location by clicking Save Repaired Files
screen recording

This should fix all the problems you may have encountered with your MP4 video due to corruption.


Bandicam is a screen recording application. It can be installed on a Windows system to record 2D/3D games, internet TV streaming videos, Windows programs such as excel, desktop screen, and so on. It can record the video in different file formats based on the type of format you choose to create the recording. You can create an MP4 or other type of video recording.

If you’re facing playability issues with your MP4 video created by using Bandicam, you can use the quick fixes discussed in this post to fix them. If these fixes don’t work, it implies that the MP4 file is corrupted. To repair the corrupted MP4 Bandicam recording, you need to use a file repair software like Stellar Repair for Video. It is a powerful DIY tool introduced by Stellar Data Recovery India which can repair MP4 files corrupted due to malware attack, file transfer issues, etc. It can repair an MP4 file even if it is was corrupted since its creation by Bandicam.