E-Cigarette Side Effects: What Every Vaper Needs to Know


It is the time of E-cigarettes where they are exploding in so much of popularity. People think it is cool to switch to e-cigarettes because they are not at all a safe alternative to smoking. They may be an alternative to cigarette smoking but not a safe one.

E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, vape pens, e-hookah, vaping devices are all those products where they produce and aerosolized mixture that has flavored liquids and also nicotine content. This flavored vapor is inhaled by the user and get a hit. They can resemble any kind of modern devices. They can look like a cigarette, vape pens, e-cigars, pod systems, cigars, pipes or some common gadgets like the flashlights or flash drives or pens.

E-Cigarettes are being used by children and teenagers because they have been misinformed about the products. The Americal Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports those who prevent the children to be exposed to the flavored vapor. Here are a few things that everyone including the vapers has to know.

 Are The E-Cigarettes Safe?

A lot of research has been done on this topic and there are divided opinions about the topic of e-cigarettes. The solution in the e-cigarette is harmful chemicals such as antifreeze. They are propylene glycol and ethylene glycol and the diethylene glycol and carcinogens which can cause cancer. Apart from that, the nicotine in e-cigarettes is quite addictive and they can also harm brain development.

 In some of the cases, there are a few cases where the e-cigarettes exploded and caused burns. Apart from that, the secondhand vapor fro the growing lungs. There are many long term health effects on the users and they are still being researched.

E-cigarettes can also be used to vape green stuff called marijuana, herbs, waxes or oils. There is no regulation for e-cigarettes which is why there are different e-cigarettes ingredients. They are a lot of chemical compounds that are being used which are not regulated.

 What is the best way to keep children or teens away from e-cigarettes?

The best way to keep away the e-cigarettes from the children or the teens is to not smoke in front of them. Do not vape near them at all so that you can prevent passive smoking. You can talk to your doctor so that you can learn how to quit all the tobacco. Do not smoke in the house or the car or near the places where your children spend time.  

What are the dangers it is going to pose?

E-Cigarettes pose the most threat to teens who inhale the tobacco-flavored vapor. It is reported that 20 percent high ere percentage of school students are now active users of vapes and e-cigarettes. They usually contain the liquidy flavor solution and then they can be in any kind of flavors such as peach schnapps, java jolt, peppermint or chocolate. But once you start smoking e-cigarettes as a teen, there are high chances that you might smoke real cigarettes in the future.

No matter how much you try to put on a hold on them, the students are exposed to the e-cigarettes and vaping due to the social media, internet or advertisements or billboards. They are made available online and kids who have access to online ordering apps are easily accessing them under the age of 18.

These e-cigarettes can also be poison the children and sometimes if a child is nicotine intolerant, they can be skilled with just small amounts of nicotine in their body. They can also poison them through skin contact. Thus, as of 2016 new kinds of packaging has started where nicotine is available in childproof packaging.

Some of the symptoms of nicotine poisoning can include dizziness, vomiting or increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, etc.

 Which kind of E-Cigarettes can be used?

You can use Vuse Alto pods that can help you handle e-vaping well. When you are smoking e-cigarettes you need to always protect your skin. Keep it locked up and beyond the reach of the children so that they can be free from their use.

Here are a few advantages of using Vuse Alto Vaping pods kit that can be of some help. It is very lightweight and they are compact. It is well built and it is very easy to change the pods too. There are no buttons at all and you can draw a grad just like the cigarettes. There are different flavors and you get a hit guaranteed. The only cons are that the pods used in this are not tight enough. The liquid is difficult to monitor and the vaping machine used a proprietary charger.


Thus, these are a few things that people should know about e-cigarettes. They may be dangerous around the kids and teens due to the presence of nicotine. However you want to do e-cigarettes, you need to follow some rules

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