Dance is also a form of exercise

Dance is a rhythmic movement of your body to the beats of music. Dance is a beautiful form of art. It helps a person to express his or her emotions by the dance mudras. There are many forms of dance that are provided in various dance studios. Dance helps to reduce the weight, increase your muscle strength, enhance your endurance, removes stress from life.

Dance studios in Bangalore teach many dance forms through their trained instructors.

Ballroom dancing- this dance form is equivalent to athletic activity. It is a type of aerobic exercise. It is a type of exercise blended with elegance and style. This dance form helps to burn the excess fat in your body. It makes you perspire a lot and raises your heartbeat. It involves intense activity. It helps to tone your body muscles. It is an enjoyable activity. It helps to elevate your mood by releasing endorphins into the bloodstream that stimulates positive feelings. The rhythmic fast and slow pace help to strengthen your bones. It keeps your heart healthy. It is performed in a group hence you develop social and communication skills.

Zumba- it is another form of dance that is a work out for the entire body. It involves Latin dance and music moves. It has alternate fast and slow movements that help to burn the extra calories.

It builds up your strength and endurance. It is a form of complete work out that builds your muscles. It is easy to perform. A well trained to dance professional guides you at every segment of dance workout.

Bangalore dance classes include aerobic exercises and stretches after the dance sessions.

Jazzercise is a form of jazz dance that includes Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. This dance form provides resistance training. The choreography includes the use of weights and resistance bands. It helps to reduce body weight effectively with the potential to burn 600 calories in an hour.

Barre- this dance form is very graceful. It aims at balancing your body by holding the body in special position for a few minutes. It is a blend of ballet, Yoga and Pilates. This dance form reduces stress, helps to tone your muscles, improve flexibility. The instructor allows you to lift light dumbbells or weights to build up strength and endurance.

Pole dancing – This form of dance is rarely taught in the dance studios but it is very helpful in developing the strength of the upper part of the body. It is again a combination of Pilates, yoga and strength training. This dance form is fun to perform and very challenging.

Ballet- this dance form requires a lot of strength and technique. It increases flexibility.

Belly dancing, hip hop, salsa, square dancing, and tap dancing are some of the dance forms taught at the dance classes. Salsa is a dance that requires a partner. It is a rhythmic dance form.

Dance classes prevent boredom as you learn and exercise at the same time. They are performed in groups that promote healthy and positive relationships with people. A fun element is added to this form of exercise when you performing on the fast-paced music.