Raksha Bandhan

Every festival celebrated in India is known for its traditional and religious beliefs all across the world and that is why; India is very popular for its tradition all across the world as well. Now, if we talk about one of the most known festivals of India dedicated to brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated here with full customs, traditions and religious beliefs not only all over India but worldwide. And, if you are the one whose brother is residing abroad, many easier and reliable ways are there that are offering services to send Rakhi to the USA from India

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But, living abroad does not mean to switch only to the modern ways of celebrating the festival. It is a fact that with the increasing modernity, there is a huge wall between the traditional touch that is continued from the past many years right from the time of our great grandparents. To bring all these religious and traditional beliefs back to the festivals that have lost somewhere, Raksha Bandhan is the best time to take an initiative.

So, this year, only pick those Rakhis having some traditional values attached to make this festival more amazing and valuable for your brother who is residing abroad. Choosing handcrafted Rakhis from the huge Rakhi collection of 2020 and send Rakhi to Australia that has a touch of Indian culture and celebrates Raksha Bandhan with modernity blended with culture & tradition.

Check out the list of traditional Rakhis listed below and choose which Rakhi will be the best for your loving brother living in a foreign country:

Zardosi Rakhi

Zardosi is the most famous Indian artwork that is used to make handcrafted Rakhis as well giving it an Indian touch and the best part is that the Rakhis designed by using Zardosi looks super amazing and beautiful.

Lumba Rakhi

If your brother is married and your bhabhi is also living with him at foreign, then a Lumba Rakhi is the one that will get the job done beautifully. Lumba Rakhis are the beautiful dangling only for sister-in-law.

Zari work Rakhi

You must have spotted Rakhis made with Zari work! Aren’t these Rakhis looks super amazing? If yes, then Rakhis with Zari work embellished with the golden or silver threads can be the best for your brother and they will look super amazing and they are trending nowadays.

Motif Rakhi

The motif Rakhis are also the type of handcrafted Rakhis that are one of the most beautiful artworks prepared using motifs. You can choose the one based on any theme and your brother is surely going to love your choice.

Wooden Rakhi

Wooden Rakhis is the one that is made by using traditional artwork where wood is converted into a beautiful piece of Rakhi. Sandalwood can also be used to make this kind of Rakhi and they are one of the most preferred ones.

All the Rakhis listed above are the ones that are from the list of top Rakhis of 2020. Just pick the one from here and make Raksha Bandhan special for your loving and dearest brother who is there in a foreign country away from the family on such an amazing festival. And, to make the task of sending Rakhi to your brother across India, Rakhibazaar.com is here offering the customers with a huge range of traditional Rakhis and also with the easiest way to send Rakhi to Canada and that too without going out of budget.