There are a lot of marketing tools for promoting the products and services offered by the business. Most of the company’s funds are utilized in marketing activities. Businesses use different types of marketing tools like Ads in electronic media, ads in print media, Event marketing, social media marketing. Businesses use a lot of tools to represent themselves to the public like distributing visiting cards, Flyers, advertisements in magazines and journals, sponsoring events, giving free gifts, distributing samples.

In order to interact with the public and to represent the business to society, businesses must have something to represent themselves to the public. In order to convince and attract the public towards company’s profile, companies get their Brochure’s printed which shows the whole profile of their business, in which products and services they deal in, where are the factories or offices located, who are the board of directors, their contact no., the vision of the company, message from the owners and directors of the company, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities done by the company, etc. Along with advertising, social networking, website, the company’s brochure is also an essential part of branding. Brochure helps in keeping the name of the company in the customer’s hands and heads which remind them of the products and services offered by the company. Brochure is a piece of literature that highlights all the products and services that a customer can take with them. As we all are living in a digital world, many businesses post their brochures on their official websites itself in the form of PDFs which are known as digital brochures. These can be easily shared on the social platforms which help in reaching out to large public.

One can easily get their brochure printed from the respective designers. There are a lot of people providing brochure making services online. They provide a PDF of the brochure. One can easily find out a hundred of persons providing this service by just typing ONLINE BROCHURE MAKER.

The various types of brochures offered by the printing companies are Z-Fold, Trifold, Double Parallel Fold, Half-Fold, French Fold, etc.

Advantages of a brochure for the company are:

  • Brochure assists as an ideal introduction to the business.
  • While reaching out to the new customers, the brochure plays a great marketing tool.
  • Brochures help in expanding the visibility of the business.
  • Brochures are ideal for the exhibitions, events and trade shows.

Points to keep in mind while getting their brochures printed:

  • The brochure should be kept simple. Decent design with bullet points and visuals and the information should be kept in brief, as paragraphs and too much content will not convince the potential customer to read further as it becomes uninteresting.
  • The brochure of the company should send a positive message to the clients and should showcase the success of the business.
  • A brief introduction of the company should be provided, when the company was incorporated and why the company is passionate about what the company does will help in attracting the customers.
  • What products and services the company offers should be stated in the brochure, and what customers should expect from you.
  • Contact information should be provided: telephone numbers, websites, email of the company, social handles of the company, etc.
  • What are the upcoming projects on which the company is planning and what will be upcoming products and services launched by the company?

The reasons why brochures are significant for the businesses for selling its products and services are as follows:

  • Consistent and Focused Branding: Brochure helps in providing a longer duration of exposure to the brand. Customers take the brochures along with them which helps customers to remember the brand name and establishes brand identity. The information provided in the brochure is for the advertising purpose with a focused approach.
  • Helps in reaching target audience: In the online advertisement the ads could go unnoticed or ignored, but the brochures with interesting graphics, colors hardly gets unnoticed. In the trade shows, exhibitions brochures help in explaining the products and services to the customers.
  • Descriptive: The advertisements on television, digital ads are not that much descriptive but the brochure provides a lot of much space to describe the company and the products and services offered by the company.
  • Budget-Friendly: The small businesses and startups are low on the budget to advertise their products. Brochures are cost-effective as compared to other marketing tools. As we get more and more copies of brochures printed the cost keeps on decreasing.
  • Perfect for Promotional schemes: Brochures work as a perfect promotional tool. The company can insert samples, sachets, etc into the brochures. Brochures can come with tear-off offers or coupons containing discounts or free offers.
  • Overpower Online Advertisements: Online ads don’t stay for a longer duration. They disappear in minutes. However, brochures are in physical form and stay longer with the customers until discarded and thus emphasize online advertisements.
  • Adds credibility to the Brand: A professional and remarkable brochure design with a quality paper, design helps in adding credibility, dignity, and authenticity to the brand. That is why the companies spend a lot of money on making their brochure attractive and eye-catching.
  • Several Distribution Channels: Brochures can be distributed in a number of ways. They can be distributed as newspaper inserts which are very economical, can be distributed in malls, trade shows, exhibitions. If the brochure is available in digital form they can be easily sent through e-mails.

A perfect Graphic artist will help in creating the right look with the right words which will help in reaching the right audience. The brochure should contain a grabbing title, details of the company, testimonials, products, and services offered by the company with a brief detail and a call to action. The BROCHURE SIZE should not be too big nor too small. A well written and well-conceived brochure will help the company to sell its products. The design of the brochure should never say, ‘’Look at me.’’ It should say, ‘’Look at this.’’ If the company wants to grow and expand its reach to the customers, then it should definitely get their brochures printed.


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