brushing fun for kids

George Goyal from Houston says, children often don’t like to do the things that are not the part of their agenda. One of such thing is brushing the teeth twice a day and hence you need to make brushing teeth fun for them. You can take the advice of dentist regarding the ways to make teeth brushing time enjoyable for them, figure out what ways your child likes to have fun. While children constantly evolve around, there are a few activities they like and enjoy the most. Intertwining a fun activity along with brushing their teeth will help the children to relate fun with brushing teeth. 

Although every child’s teeth fall out eventually, it is still important to make sure that they maintain a good oral hygiene to stay protected from any of the oral diseases or cavities. 

Brushing the children’s teeth regularly help them to remove the food particles, bacteria and plaque that may result in tooth cavities. While it can be difficult to get your children want to brush regularly, there are a few ways to make it more enjoyable for them. George Goyal Houston brings you the following ways to make your children’s teeth brushing more fun. Keep reading to understand the ways and implement them. 

Make brushing teeth fun

Let you child select his/ her toothbrush

While you move out to purchase a toothbrush for your child, let them select the toothbrush that appeals their eyes. It can have their favorite cartoon character or have a shape they feel comfortable with. This will allow them to look forward towards using their toothbrush. The adult toothbrush may seem too harsh for the children’s teeth or may seem boring to look at. Find the piece having bright colors, animals or cartoon characters on it as that may aid the idea of having desire to use the toothbrush by your child. 

Pick a tasty toothpaste

Select a toothpaste having great flavor for your child. Many of the children’s toothpaste come in various flavors such as bubblegum, strawberry, watermelon and a lot more. Make sure to select the flavor your child loves the most. Flavor plays an important role as children tend to find the normal adult pastes boring and a bit spicy for their young mouths. Moreover, the flavored toothpastes appeal the child’s taste buds. 

Brush together

When your child brushes their teeth make sure to engage with them. Brush your teeth too along with your child as it allows them to mimic the exact behavior as yours in tooth brushing. Brushing together with your child help him/her to learn the proper brushing techniques as yours. Make sure to get them brush their teeth again and again to ensure that their teeth are thoroughly brushed. 

Brush each other’s teeth

Allow your child to brush your teeth along with you brushing their teeth. This makes teeth brushing a fun activity for your child as they feel that they are also involved in the brushing. This keeps them engaged both physically and mentally. Allowing you child to perform the act of teeth brushing as a parent teaches them the importance of doing so.

Reward them

Offer your child something in return as a gift or may be something he/she likes in return for brushing. Look for something that your child loves to do or promising to give something to them if they allow you to brush their teeth. Although bribing is not a good one but it helps to teach them the causes and effect. At the younger age, the effect will be a small reward for them. With passing time, the child himself learns that the effect will be healthy teeth and good oral health. 

Use technology

You can encourage your child to brush by downloading a fun app that involves brushing or different funny motions of cleaning the teeth. This makes them do the same thing that they watch to happen to them and will result in encouraging them to let you brush their teeth properly. In this modern world, an app is available for everything and can be used to complete any work. Hence find an app that can relate to the routine of teeth brushing. 

No matter whichever method you choose to make brushing teeth fun for your child as long as a dental routine and good oral health is maintained. Apart from the app, you can even try surfing for animated videos online or on any specific website. The primary teeth and growth of permanent teeth of your child both are the most important for overall health. 


There are numerous ways to make the brushing teeth enjoyable and fun for your child. Out of all, George Goyal Houston brought you the major 6 ways to make brushing fun for the kids resulting in hygiene, good oral health and best overall health.