If there’s one thing that can set apart Indian weddings from the others, it is the guest list. Indian weddings have a huge guest list with over 1000 people attending the wedding. So, it’ll naturally take a lot of effort to plan such a huge wedding. One of the significant things that come with planning such a huge wedding is sending out invitations. But did you know there was a much easier way of sending out your wedding invitation? An online wedding invitation is an answer!

Here are 5 things your online wedding invitation can do that a printed one can’t!

#1. Help Have an Eco-friendly Wedding

When you think of an online wedding invitation, the first thing that comes to mind is eco-friendly weddings. Since digital invites are done online, there is no paper involved. So, this allows for an eco-friendly and zero-waste wedding. Extra resources and energy are not wasted and it can also help you save money.

#2. Purchase just one to share with many

When it comes to printed wedding cards, you’ll literally have to buy thousands to share with everyone. This in itself can take a lot of money. But when it comes to an online wedding invitation, you just need to purchase one and download it in whatever format and just share it with your guests. Isn’t that smart?

#3. Helps reduce unwanted expenses

Wedding cards cost a lot to print especially the premium ones. On top of that, we literally print thousands of invites. This will definitely have an effect on your wedding budget. It can cost you lakhs. But for an online invitation, it’s going to cost way less, maybe lesser than 1k even. Money saved is money earned. So by reducing money here, you can spend the budget in a more meaningful way. 

#4. RSVP Instantly

When you’re sending out wedding cards, expecting people to RSVP is a pipedream in India. Many people are not accustomed to RSVPing especially for weddings. Even if you send your wedding card with an RSVP card to post back with the stamp and everything or ask them to text, chances are that most of them will never do it or do it much later than needed. But all these problems can be solved with online wedding invitations. Since the invite is sent digitally on social media, replying with the RSVP option is very convenient and easy for your guests. Along with their sweet reply messages, you’ll also get the RSVP ones instantly!

#5. Preserve the information

When you send out wedding cards, there’s a high chance that they get lost before your wedding due to various reasons. If you’ve mentioned the wedding card as a prerequisite to attend your wedding, you’re doomed. You’ll either get requests for extra ones or many might not even attend. All his hassle can be saved with an online wedding invitation as even if somehow it gets deleted, it’s not going to cost you anything to send it across once more. All the information they need will always be available to them.


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