Many of us are fed up with unwanted rings and beeps in the phones at odd times. The irritating telemarketing calls are headaches to many. To make things worse, we receive miss calls or anonymous calls which cause several security issues. The phone hacking, financial frauds are some of the examples we often come across. The chances of telemarketing are diminishing and affect the entire business. 

Sometimes they even have to face some legal issues regarding the do not call registry problems. The involvement of a third party will always enhance the business. They are the experts in the field and know how well these issues have to be dealt with.

Things to remember

Before approaching a customer through telemarketing calls, they have to know what should be done and not be done regarding the do not call registry. They can definitely seek the advice of agencies such as DNC Solution who are the frontiers and experts in the field. They will take care of the following things.

1. What is a do not call register

To avoid the unwanted telephone calls and messages through faxes, one can utilize the do not call registry facility. One can make an easy choice about the calls he or she receives. Even organizations and people can make entry into it by a one-time registration. They are keeping do not call’ registered phone numbers in a secured database. One can escape from unwanted telemarketing calls and similar ones. The easy registration process enables everyone to ensure a hassle-free registration. Until the number owner wishes to remove the number from the do not call registry, it will remain in the register.

2. Know the users and the opponents

This registration is mainly aiming the consumers in the following category

  • The common man: they can index their numbers that are using for confidential or household purposes
  • Higher-order government officials: who can register numbers that are handled completely by government bodies or are urgent situation service numbers
  • Authorized officers of businesses: who can register the numbers for the whole purpose of transmitting and receiving faxes.
  • A Themainly targeted group  in the do not call registry are:
  • Telemarketers: who are frequently making the marketing  calls or messages for the promotion of the products or services
  • Fax marketers: they particularly make use of the fax service for commercial purposes.
  • Other businesses: they make unique plans for marketing through faxes and telephonic calls.

3. How it works

The registration process is easy, in which one can register through phone or email. One has to confirm the registration just by clicking on the link provided in the mail. Within a period of a month or less, your number will get activated in the registry. The telemarketers frequently check their number database. They will identify any new entry in the do not call registry and vomit that number from their database. No security issues will arise in the whole process, as an individual shares only the phone number and no personal information. Any business is trying to make a call to the number registered with the do not call registry, they will be breaking the rule and inviting penalties.

4. Standard features and services offered

The important features of an efficient do not call registry will have the following structure. The mainstream platforms such as DNC Solutions are taking these as the basics.

  • High-end database management system handling capacity
  • Efficiently supervise company-specific Do Not Call registry
  • Generate projects for administration in numerous campaigns
  • hold back calls to an entire region
  • construct and accomplish your Do Not Call strategy openly to clients
  • educate your employees on the Do Not Call legal aspects  
  • Access meticulous information on agreement actions.
  • Utilization of time-saving tools


Many of the platforms offer some other services than a mere caller blocking service. 

  • It restricts the unofficial billing
  • lower the vacant call list
  • Caller id spread
  • Allows various pre-recorded communication

5. Advantages

  • Limited access to the datacentres for authorized personnel
  • Store the personal data at secure data centers
  • A multilayer security system is present
  • The customer-centric approach through a single call

Wrapping up

Nowadays people are getting a call all over the world and many of them will be from scammers. Sometimes you may even get a robocall, in which a recorded message will be played again and again.they register in the do not call registry so that any business calls in the list will get restricted. On the other hand, companies may not be aware of this. So they will approach a middle man who can serve the purpose as they know all the legal aspects. So in order to enhance a business, the presence of such platforms in a business firm is inevitable.


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