The purpose of the Men’s Club is to promote the general welfare of Gibault Catholic High School through the following charges: 1) to provide volunteer assistance for various needs of the school as determined by the Club, GCHS Principal, and other Administration officers of GCHS, 2) to promote a spirit of cooperation and involvement between the current, past, and future fathers and the school, 3) to generate fundraising revenue for upkeep of building and grounds, school activities and financial assistance, 4) to achieve the Gibault Catholic High School Goals and Objectives, 5) to benefit Gibault Catholic High School students and 6) to promote and develop among Members an understanding of Gibault Catholic High School’s educational philosophy, its sense of Christian community and its Goals and Objectives.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Men’s Club meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM in the Gibault Teachers' Lounge.  Please contact any officer for further information if you are interested in becoming a part of our organization. President: Bruce Shields, Vice President: Don Francescon, Treasurer: Rick Schmidt, Secretary: Mark Mechler

NOTE: If you would like to order a club t-shirt, please contact Jeff Kipping 939-3994

Yearly Events
Rummage Sale Barbecue (Post prom fund raiser)
Waterloo Pumpkinfest (September)
Gibault Oktoberfest Bar
Gibault Taste-of-the Region Bar
Cosmic Bingo

Planned Short and Long Term Projects

    Long Term Goal - Construct transportation garage

  • Completed - Remove library carpet and install new carpeting
  • Completed - Pour concrete for recycle containment area
  • Completed - Remove old front sidewalk and pour new
  • Completed - Clean and paint statue of Jesus Christ
  • Completed - Install parking blocks in rear parking area
  • Completed - Remodel Hall of Fame Wall
  • Completed - Rewire exhaust fans in the gym
  • Completed - Replace flooring and paint the weight room
  • Completed - Remodel cafeteria
  • Completed - Remodeled Chapel
  • Completed - Remodeled teacher's workroom/lunchroom
  • Completed - Remodeled boys/girls bathrooms in C building
  • Completed - Replaced fencing and added protective cover on softball field
  • Completed - Remodeled/updated kitchen
  • Completed - Painted and reset plaques in gym lobby
  • Completed - Remodeled coaches offices in gym
  • Completed - Remodeled upstairs gym locker room
  • Completed - Remodeled room in upstairs gym to make a men's club suite
  • Completed - Refurbished the band trailer
  • Completed - Remodel bathrooms in A band B Buildings



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