Gibault Catholic High School students consistently score 2 points higher on the ACT exam than the national average. Gibault Catholic High School has a 100% college acceptance and attendance rate.





Russ Hart,
David Gregson,
Dean of Students
Susan Mackin,
Director of College Planning & Placement
Patricia Herzing,
Director of Enrollment

Jim Montgomery,
Athletic Director
Sev Kovarik,
Director of Development
Becky Ramlose,
Administrative Assistant
Janet Thomas,
Administrative Assistant
Julie Lesko,
Director of Finance & Human Resources


Allen, Erin English
Asbury, Karen Biology
Chukwuma, Fr. Felix Campus Chaplain
Corzine, Diane Art
Gregson, David Business
Herzing, Patricia French/Math
Hoke, Kara Social Studies
Hurst, Pat Spanish
Jenkins, Roxanne Spanish
Johnson, Heather Social Studies
Kirkpatrick, Michael Digital Graphics
Lansing, Julie English
Laur, Carrie Math
Mannino, Lori Permanent Substitute
Martel, Arron Chemistry/Religion
gray bar
Montgomery, Jim Social Studies
Posey, Michelle Librarian
Reeb, Matt Physical Education
Rueter, Dennis Math
Ruppel, Scott Band/Chorus
Campus Minister
Skaer, Andy Math
Tepen, Joan English
Wiegand, Greg Agriculture Sciences, Robotics
Zinck, June Business/
Public Speaking


Gibault Catholic High School: 501 Columbia Avenue, Waterloo, Illinois, 62298 Phone: 618.939.3883 Fax: 618.939.7215

Diocese of Belleville