Gibault Catholic High School students consistently score 2 points higher on the ACT exam than the national average. Gibault Catholic High School has a 100% college acceptance and attendance rate.





Russ Hart,
David Gregson,
Dean of Students
Susan Mackin,
Director of College Planning & Placement
Patricia Herzing,
Director of Enrollment

Jim Montgomery,
Athletic Director
Sev Kovarik,
Director of Development
Becky Ramlose,
Administrative Assistant
Janet Thomas,
Administrative Assistant
Julie Lesko,
Director of Finance & Human Resources


Allen, Erin English
Asbury, Karen Biology
Chukwuma, Fr. Felix Campus Chaplain
Corzine, Diane Art
Gregson, David Business
Herzing, Patricia French/Math
Hoke, Kara Social Studies
Hurst, Pat Spanish
Jenkins, Roxanne Spanish
Johnson, Heather Social Studies
Kirkpatrick, Michael Digital Graphics
Laur, Carrie Math
Mannino, Lori Permanent Substitute
Martel, Arron Chemistry/Religion
gray bar
Montgomery, Jim Social Studies
Pickett, Maggie English
Posey, Michelle Librarian
Reeb, Matt Physical Education
Rueter, Dennis Math
Ruppel, Scott Band/Chorus
Campus Minister
Skaer, Andy Math
Tepen, Joan English
Wiegand, Greg Agriculture Sciences, Robotics
Zinck, June Business/
Public Speaking


Gibault Catholic High School: 501 Columbia Avenue, Waterloo, Illinois, 62298 Phone: 618.939.3883 Fax: 618.939.7215

Diocese of Belleville